Queen Bella

Queen Bella

Queen Bella the Spider is a second-level Nightmaren and an antagonist in NiGHTS: Journey of dreams.


Queen Bella resembles a giant pink spider with nearly long Victorian-styled hair, wearing a jewelled gold crown and a lush, extravagant pink and gold clothing that is part royality, part ballerina, and she has yellowish-green jewels on her hindquarters with red diamond-like linings.


She is the boss for Helen Cartwright's Memory Forest dream, as she is messing with Helen's memories there as she does with innocent Visitors (dreamers). Her arena takes place in the middle of a distorted ghost town surrounded with dead trees and a dark pink sky with platforms that she walks around on. Below her is a pool of lava, presumably a smelting pit. The player uses her balls of silk to destroy the platforms she walks on. The player wins when she has nothing to walk on and falls into the pool of lava.



  • It is possible to defeat Queen Bella in a matter of seconds after the battle begins with one well-aimed silk ball, rather so if the player needs to achieve an A rank in her second fight.
  • The name of Queen Bella's theme is "Queen Bella's Ball".


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