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You're all that stands between me and total domination! Gehehe!
~ Queen Brahne

Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI, simply known as Queen Brahne, was a major antagonist in Final Fantasy IX. She was the ruler of Alexandria and the mother of Princess Garnet (also known by her nickname "Dagger").


Queen Brahne was originally a just and fair ruler but, when her husband died, something inside of her changed and, due to manipulation by Kuja, she began to hatch a scheme to wage war against the neighboring countries of Lindblum and Burmecia using an army of mechanical Black Mages.

When Kuja told her that Princess Garnet possessed the power to summon powerful beings known as Eidolons, the queen's inner desire for power grew out of control and consumed her. Thus, Queen Brahne ordered her court jesters, Thorn and Zorn, to extract the Eidolons from Garnet for her own use. 

Once Queen Brahne had gained the ability to summon Eidolons and had a sufficiently large army of black mages, she declared war on the rival kingdoms and ended up destroying both Burmercia and Cleyra. However, the power-mad queen made a mistake when she tried to usurp Kuja himself and he used the Bahamut she had summoned to destroy him on her fleet- destroying it almost instantly. Queen Brahne managed to escape, but was badly injured. As she began to die, she started to change- reverting back to her previous nature of a peaceful woman and begs her daughter's forgiveness for all the wrong she had committed.

Despite the horrible things she did, Queen Brahne was fondly remembered by her people, who built a tomb for her (as was customary for honored royalty in the past).


While under the effects of Kuja's Mist poisoning, Queen Brahne is completely blinded by her power-lust. The Eidolons are the most powerful force she knows of and her daughter has access to them. With the EIdolons so close and yet beyond her personal grasp, Brahne is easily talked into sacrificing her daughter by Zorn and Thorn, on behalf of Kuja. Though Brahne sees Zorn and Thorn as underlings, advisors and dismisses them, the ideas they implant in her allows Kuja to control her actions without directly telling her what to do, something that might have otherwise backfired on him due to Brahne's Mist induced temperamental state.

Brahne sends Steiner and many others to capture Garnet, but she has little faith in him, the orders given mostly about keeping him out of her way but with the off chance of succeeding while she mobilizes her army. Even Brahne's Black Mages, Zorn and Thorn are, at best, just extra resources to Brahne, by all accounts she is mostly relying on her access to an air-ship and her star soldier, General Beatrix, with Kuja also willing to make an appearance if asked. When Brahne captures Garnet with Zorn and Thorn coaxing her into sacrificing her and Garnet trying to appeal to her mother's love for her, Brahne briefly delays the orders and tries to play along as a loving mother. It is implied Brahne is trying to rationalize her daughter's sacrifice or find alternatives to it internally, but Garnet's pleading only produces a dour regret at the sight her daughter legally (if temporarily) dead.

Brahne dies.jpg

Just before her death, Brahne is restored to her normal faculties and is profoundly remorseful that she ever even thought about harming her daughter. Brahne seems unwilling to die until she tells Garnet how sorry she is and how much she loves her. The revelation later that Garnet was adopted by Queen Brahne to replace her dead biological daughter does not seem to affect Garnet's relationship with her; There's every indication, even corrupted by Kuja, Brahne thinks of Garnet as a real daughter.


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