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You're a dragon who knows how to keep her mouth shut. Either you understand that I'm not interested in your opinions, or you don't have any, which would be preferable. I suppose I'll be able to tolerate your presence in my palace, so long as you make equally silent brats.
~ Queen Diamond to Snowflake.
Obedience. Discipline. Order. Strength. And knowing your place. These are the hallmarks of a true IceWing. Don't you ever forget it again, Arctic.
~ Queen Diamond to Prince Arctic.

Queen Diamond is a minor antagonist from Wings of Fire. She was an adult female IceWing dragon who possessed animus power and was the ruler of the IceWing tribe two thousand years before the events of the main series. She was a heavy influence on the Night-Ice War. She was tall and aristocratic, believing in strict discipline and punishment.


Diamond wears ice-blue diamonds on her ears, neck, and tail band. She has sharp, glittering eyes and a superior, condescending voice.


As an IceWing queen, Diamond was portrayed as judgmental and pompous. She refused to talk to any IceWing who was not in the highest levels of IceWing society, and she was quite selfish and narrow-minded. She did not have regard for Arctic or Snowflake's opinion on whether the two of them wanted to be married, and seemed to only care about what was in her own best interests. She was vengeful to the point of breaking IceWing law and using her animus power more than once.

Diamond had an infamous hatred for Foeslayer and the NightWing tribe for "stealing" Prince Arctic, and was willing to start an entire war between the NightWings and the IceWings, because of her own personal vendetta.

Later in Diamond's life, it is possible that her animus magic drove her insane, as it was once mentioned that an ancient animus IceWing queen had gone crazy. However, this has not been confirmed.

Diamond used her magic more than the IceWings are supposed to, she first made the Gift of Healing, which would heal frost breath injuries. She later on imprisoned Foeslayer and made her lifespan freeze in between challengers of the Diamond Trails, which is named after her.


Diamond was born into IceWing aristocracy, and at some point killed the former queen and inherited the throne. Being an animus dragon, she at some point gave her Gift to the IceWing Tribe - the Gift of Healing. She enchanted five narwhal horns to heal any IceWing who was accidentally hurt with frost breath. They were useful when dragonets played a little too rough or when the occasional fight broke out, but was considered one of the worse gifts the tribe had received. At some point, Diamond had a son, Prince Arctic, who inherited the animus gene. Diamond set him up to marry a quiet noble, Snowflake, who he hated.

During a meeting with a NightWing embassy, Diamond was negotiating with the head of the embassy, a NightWing called Prudence, when Arctic met and fell in love with a NightWing called Foeslayer.

Queen Diamond later confronted Arctic before he was about to meet with Foeslayer. She was initially suspicious of Arctic's behavior because of his yawning during breakfast with Snowflake. She assigned two guards to guard Arctic's room, preventing him from seeing Foeslayer. However, Arctic decided to break the rules and use his magic multiple times to elope with Foeslayer and the rest of the NightWings.

Diamond was infuriated and refused to accept that Prince Arctic merely ran off with Foeslayer on his own free will. She believed that the NightWing, Foeslayer, coveting the power of the IceWings' animus dragons, had kidnapped Arctic so that her tribe could benefit from these powers as well. Because Arctic left before having IceWing dragonets, no IceWing would inherit the animus gene ever again, causing them to resent the NightWings for 'stealing' their animus powers.

All the IceWings had believed that Foeslayer had gotten away, but Diamond managed to catch her when Foeslayer took off her protective earring. In her fury, Diamond used her powers two more times (against IceWing law) to get her revenge on Foeslayer. First, Diamond cast a spell that ordered Foeslayer to come to her, which took effect when Foeslayer took off Arctic's earring. Diamond then locked Foeslayer up in shackles enchanted so that they could only be broken by the frost breath of a member in the royal IceWing family. These shackles prevented Foeslayer from ever leaving, and made it so that if Foeslayer ever died, she would do so in excruciating pain and be frozen again, only to unfreeze when tapped with one of the enchanted diamond spears, revived. 

Diamond killed Foeslayer over forty times before she realized it could have a use. She imprisoned Foeslayer in a remote cave system, and created the Diamond Trial, which became a part of IceWing culture. It was implied she was killed when her niece, Snowfox, poisoned her food, becoming queen.



Diamond showed little regard for her son and only cares about her own agenda. She did not care about his happiness and despised his relationship with Foeslayer. She seemed to have only loved him for his magic. She also belittled him in her most recent message, which further strained their relationship.


Despite assigning her to marry Arctic, Diamond cared little for Snowflake. She brushes off whether she had opinions or not, as well as assessed her unfairly. The two were bitter of each other due to the arranged marriage.


Diamond fiercely hated Foeslayer for "stealing" her son. She went as far as lying to her subjects that the NightWings were plotting to gain animus magic. She created the Gift of Vengeance out of hatred for Foeslayer, and even killed her forty times.


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