Queen Heinderella

Queen Heinderella, AKA Junko, is the main antagonist in Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble. She's the leader of Madow, the wife of Jet and the mother of Viewtiful Joe and his sister; Jasmine.





Junko was Jet Black's wife as well as an award winning actress. She received great acclaim while alive through her roles as the heroine in Blue's movies. However, her career eventually hit rock bottom, and she found it difficult to get back into the spotlight. One night, on the way to an audition, Junko was caught in a car crash and was severely injured. Despite the hospital's best efforts, Junko died from her injuries.

As Queen Heinderella

Junko eventually came back to life for a single day and takes on the alias of Queen Heinderella. She did this so she can see how strong her children have grown up to be. Upon her defeat, she reveals herself, and says goodbye to them for one last time.