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Villain Overview

The truth is, our weakness is the same as anyone's. It's people. The people we care about. So I say, cut them loose. For your good and for theirs. That way you're really bulletproof.
~ Queen Maeve.
You've managed to make this about you in less than 20 seconds flat.
~ Queen Maeve to Homelander.

Queen Maeve is a major character and anti-villain in the 2019 Amazon TV adaption of The Boys.

She is the Seven's second in command and the ultimate role model for little girls all over the world. She is quite a cynical person however although does appear to be one of the few people trusted by Homelander. Although not fully evil her cynical nature and passive nature when going along with some of The Seven's more questionable schemes has made her lose herself overtime, a fact she is aware of but sees as a necessary sacrifice to protect those she loves.

She was portrayed by Dominique McElligott.


Not much is known about Queen Maeve's past prior to joining the Seven. She was born in 1986 and is implied that her father injected her with Compound V so that she could score higher in pageants, competitions, and talent shows. The money he got from exploiting his daughter fueled his gambling habit. At a young age, she really wanted to make a difference in the world, much like Starlight, until Vought corrupted her into their puppet and Homelander's accomplice.

Season One

Throughout Season 1 of the TV show, Maeve is typically shown at Homelander’s side. In the first episode, Maeve successfully stops an armored truck and the men inside. As she is about to subdue the final criminal, Homelander comes in and receives all the credit. In episode 3, its revealed that Maeve and Homelander used to date one another, and there is still some lingering affection from the latter. However, in episode 4, when she fails to rescue a hijacked plane, she is psychologically broken.

In episode 5, we get more backstory when she, drunk, looks for a hookup and consolation in her ex, Elena. Furthermore, in episode 6, Elena shows up to Maeve’s work, trying to care for Maeve. The newspeople take note that Elena is Maeve’s ex and that she’s interested in women. This could pose a problem for Maeve in the future. In episodes 7 and 8, Maeve seemingly builds her relationship with Starlight by defending her and preventing her from turning into a shell of herself.

Season Two

In the second season, Maeve puts more effort into reviving her relationship with Elena, however, she increasingly becomes more cautious out of fear that Homelander may discover her secret relationship. During a talk show, Homelander outs Maeve as a lesbian. After the show, Maeve confronts Homelander about what just happened but Homelander admits that he overheard her call with Elena and that it sounds like they are more than just friends. Maeve claims that she ended the relationship before she joined The Seven but after some back and forth, Maeve admits to her relationship with Elena. After that Homelander has Maeve do movies in which she portrays a lesbian who struggles with her sexuality.

In order to get Elena and her to out themselves as a couple, Ashley and other world officials tell them what they should look like as a lesbian couple. Elena then makes it clear that Maeve is bisexual and also that she doesn’t want to take part in that whole public relationship thing. Maeve convinces her to play along as she still is afraid Homelander will do something to Elena. Later she goes into a deal with The Deep in which she shall help him to get his image back, if he helps her find dirt on Homelander. This is later revealed that she hired Deep to search the sunken wreckage of Flight 37 to find a video recording of Homelander abandoning the passengers to die. The Deep returns with a damaged GoPro of a husband recording the incident of Maeve and Homelander debating on how to save the prisoners, showing Homelander threatening the passengers and ultimately leaving them all to die. Elena finds out about the video, and confronts Maeve with it, who tells her that it is their leverage against Homelander. Elena tells Maeve that she gets nightmares about that video, and has decided to go to her sister's house. She tells Maeve that she does not blame her for what happened on the plane.

At the end of the series, Maeve is given an opportunity to do right instead of wrong. She helps The Boys deal with Stormfront and Homelander and even threatens to upload the video of him leaving all of the people on Flight 37 behind to die if he doesn't give into the following demands; Let Billy Butcher and Ryan walk away safely, stop hunting down Starlight, and leave herself and Elena alone. Homelander caves into his weakness in his desire to be loved by the world and gives into her demands. Maeve was right next to Starlight when Homelander begrudgingly welcomed her back to the Seven at a press conference, completing Maeve's victory over Homelander.


Maeve was a cynical, apathetic, and somewhat dismissive person although not a fully bad one. Aside from Starlight she was probably the most friendly and genuinely heroic member of The Seven and was a highly respected member of the group. She got along well with most of her colleagues and was something of a voice of reason to the team although was aware that none of them were as heroic as they were told to come across as. Maeve however was still heroic enough to put her own reputation on the line to save people, as shown from the plane crash during she pleaded with Homelander to save at least one person and was left distraught and guilt-ridden from the aftermath of said event and also when she saved Starlight from Black Noir.

With Starlight's influence, Maeve begins to look at herself in a different light and change her apathetic nature and try to return to the genuine hero she once was and as a result, she becomes more assertive and less accepting of Vought's demands, blatantly ignoring orders in some cases if something more important came up and refusing to cooperate with certain things if she didn't want to although she was limited in this regard especially after Vought was made aware of Elena's presence in order to protect her from Homelander.


Maeve is a tall, mostly slim muscular, fair-skinned woman in her thirties with flowing red hair and hazel eyes. Her usual attire consists of her superhero persona's get-up, being maroon and silver Amazonian style battle armor paired with a matching skirt, boots, and tiara. She also wears gauntlets on her arms with large red jewels in the center of them



Elena is Maeve's partner and although she loves her their relationship is very strained through a combination of her work obligations and something Maeve has deliberately done in order to protect her from Homelander. Over the course of the series however, she appears to grow more trusting of her as she is willing to tell her the dangers of them being in a relationship while she is still under Homelander's thumb.


Queen Maeve is a member of The Seven Homelander appears to trust the most and they regularly go on patrols together. Homelander and Maeve were mentioned to have dated at one point. Although they do seemingly get along with Homelander being comfortable enough with her to vent out his frustrations to her Maeve does hold a great of fear towards him and what he's capable of doing, hence her secretive nature about her personal life, however she is also aware that she is the only member of The Seven he'll at least somewhat listen to so does try to use that position in order to protect others from his wrath such as Starlight. Slowly overtime their "friendship" crumbles starting with the plane crash sequence which makes Maeve realize just how much of a monster Homelander really was, this is only worsened when he digs up the truth about her sexuality and the existence of Elena leading to her getting even more paranoid and uncomfortable around him than ever before.


Queen Maeve although slowly takes a liking to Starlight and grows an almost sisterly sort of protective nature towards her, even begging Homelander to spare her after the truth about The Boys and her boyfriend Hughie Campbell came to light, although she did stress that she didn't do this for her specifically. She quickly becomes the only member of the team who Starlight genuinely trusts and even goes as far as to save her life from Black Noir after it was revealed she betrayed The Seven.

The Deep

Maeve knows of The Deep's sexual exploits and is repulsed by him, especially after he raped Starlight and doesn't seem too phased when he is kicked out of The Seven. However, In order to secure protection for Elena, she calls upon his help. He gives her footage retrieved from the plane Homelander deliberately crashed in exchange to get back into The Seven if he acts under her orders, although she did still stress that she disliked him.


Take your f**king t***k and get the f**k out of here!
~ Queen Maeve to Starlight and Hughie.


  • As with her comic counterpart, she is a villainous parody of Wonder Woman and her being revealed as bisexual in the show might be a reference to Wonder Woman being bisexual in the New 52.
  • In the show, her hair color is red instead of blonde. Ironically, her actress, Dominique McElligott, is blonde in real life.

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