The most powerful thing in the world? Ha! I don't think so. You have no idea who you're dealing with. You want a show? I'll give you a show. Back up and get ready for the main event!
~ Queen Narissa before transforming herself into a monstrous blue dragon.

Queen Narissa (simply known as Narissa) is the main antagonist of Disney's 2007 fantasy film Enchanted. She is the stepmother of Prince Edward and the archenemy of Gisele.

She was voiced and portrayed by Susan Sarandon, who also played Coco LaBouche in Nickelodeon's Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.


Queen Narissa is a combination of several Disney villains, notably the Evil Queen and Maleficent - she was the reigning Queen of Andalasia, a fantasy world based on the traditional animated movies of Disney: she does not want her stepson Prince Edward to marry Giselle, because it would cause her to lose her place on the throne and plots to get rid of her by sending to a place where there are no happily ever afters: modern day New York City.

Narissa achieves this by disguising herself as an old hag and throws Giselle into a magic well - which transports her to the real world, however when Prince Edward goes after Giselle, Narissa has her henchman, Nathaniel go after them but grows increasingly angry at his failings.

Eventually, Narissa decides to enter the real world herself and deal with things, since Nathaniel seems incapable of doing so (in truth Nathaniel was starting to doubt his own purpose and would ultimately redeem himself).

Narissa manages to trick Giselle into eating a poisoned apple (once again taking the form of a hag) during a ball before revealing herself to the crowds, she mocks Prince Edward and Robert by saying that Giselle shall die by midnight without "true love's kiss" - Edward tries to do so, but he fails. However, Robert agrees to do so and Giselle awakens - Narissa grows angry at this and transforms herself into a monstrous blue dragon with the intent of killing everyone, starting by Giselle, but Robert valiantly stands between Narissa and Giselle to protect her. Narissa kidnaps Robert before bursting out of the Woolworth Building and climbing to the top in a scene reminescent of the titular gorilla from King Kong, and Bill Sikes from Oliver Twist (as well as Sleeping Beauty).

Giselle gives chase and after a brief confrontation, Narissa loses her grip (due to Pip the chipmunk standing on one of her horns with his extra weight) and fails to complete her shapeshifting spell, which engulfs her on a sickly, green glowing fire, and she falls down to the street where she is destroyed in a shining explosion, all that is left of her are viscous, glowing remains.


Queen Narissa was given the best and worst traits of the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, and Maleficent. Despite her beautiful looks, she is a vindictive and manipulative sorcerer with black magic.

Powers and Abilities

Queen Narissa is very knowledgeable in different areas of black magic, such as but not limited to: shape-shifting which she can do by saying the phrase "Speciosus, formosus, praeclarus!", electrokinesis, water communication (which she not only can do through water but other forms of liquids such as soup and alcohol). She also has the power to see where anyone is in the world (Andalasia and the real world) by casting a spell "Reperio lemma miha!" on a New York water display. She is also capable of preparing different magical spells as she makes poisoned apples.


Oh, so this is the little forest rat, who thinks she can steal my throne...NEVER!!!
~ Queen Narissa learning of Giselle.
Oh, wouldn't she just love to come crawling back here and steal my crown! Cast me aside like some royal rubbish!
~ Narissa on discovering Giselle's location.
Time is of the essence. We can't risk my stepson bringing the girl back. [...] No he shan't I intend to make absolutely certain of that.
~ Narissa to Nathaniel while communicating through soup.
Yes, it won't be difficult. It's just one bite that's all it takes. One small bite... to drag her down into a deep and troubled sleep! And when the hands of the clock strike twelve, that precious little pretender to my throne... will be gone!
~ Narissa upon giving Nathaniel poison apples.
You idiot! I sent you to kill her, not save her. Can't you get that straight?
~ Narissa to Nathaniel after she learns that Edward and Giselle found each other.
Another chance? What do you think poison apples grow on trees? There is only one left! You are OUT of chances. No, forget it! I'm coming there! And I will kill the little wretch MYSELF!!!
~ Queen Narissa yelling she's coming to New York and kill Giselle herself.
Hello, worthless. Miss me?
~ Narissa to Nathaniel after she arrives in New York.
Child. I'm so glad to see you. I was so very worried. What a terrible accident that brought you to this terrible place with so much sadness and so much pain. To never be with the one you love. Doomed to be with another for eternity. Oh but it doesn't have to be that way. Oh, no, no, I can stop the hurt I can make all those bad memories disappear.
~ Narissa disguised as a hag finds Giselle at the ball.
Just one bite, my love, and all this will go away. Your life here, the people that you met. You won't remember anything. Just sweet dreams and happy endings. But you must hurry. You must hurry. The magic will not work unless you take a bite before the clock strikes 12:00. Hurry now. Hurry.
~ Narissa as a hag tricks Giselle into eating a poisoned apple.
You'll never save her now. When the clock strikes 12...(whispers) She'll be dead.
~ Queen Narissa taunting Edward after his failed attempt at true love's kiss.
Oh, all this nauseating talk of "true love's kiss". It really does bring out the worst in me.
~ Narissa after transforming into a ferocious dragon.
You know, I've been thinking. If I'm going to remain queen, I'm going to need some sort of story when I go back. Hmm. What if a giant, vicious beast showed up and killed everyone? And poor, defenseless Queen Narissa, she just couldn't save them. Let's begin with the girl who started it all, shall we?
~ Narissa as a dragon threatening to kill Giselle and everyone.
How about this? "And they all lived happily ever after!" Well, at least I did. (laughs) What?! NOOO!
~ Queen Narissa's last words before falling off the Woolworth Building.





  • Narissa is based off the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, undergoing similar transformations to both.
  • Queen Narissa is the only Disney villain to date to have a stepson (Prince Edward).
  • In her dragon form, despite having wings, she is unable to fly. As such, her wings are too small.


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