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I can control all of them. That's why every dragon in the Hive is on their way to surround the temple right now. The moment you step outside this temple, they will kill you all.
~ Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp is the central antagonist of the third arc of the Wings of Fire series, appearing as the main antagonist of books 11-13.

She is an adult female HiveWing and the queen of her tribe. She is under the control of the Othermind plant, although she doesn't know it. She is cruel and coldhearted, committing genocide so that she would be in control of the entire continent. During the Tree Wars, she exterminated the LeafWings and conquered the SilkWings, becoming their queen alongside her own tribe. She can control nearly all of her HiveWing subjects' minds, and rules the entire continent through this ability as well as militaristic might and propaganda. She currently resides in Wasp Hive.


Wasp has black and yellow stripes, black horns, and large and completely black eyes that are surrounded by an oval of yellow scales. She is enormous, radiates menace, and has a cold voice. Her claws can excrete a venomous substance, and her tail has a hidden poisonous stinger in it.


Wasp is cold, cruel, and ruthless. She doesn't care about other dragons or the two tribes she rules (particularly the SilkWings). As a racial supremacist, Wasp does have a softer spot for her fellow HiveWings. There are several other examples on how limited Wasp affections towards her own dragons shown throughout the series. Another example of this is that she has no qualms punishing other dragonets, even member of her own species for having parents who became spouses/mates without her express permission even if the forbidden dragonet in question doesn't pose a threat to Wasps reign or ideology. Queen Wasp can also be inferred to be vengeful, as Queen Sequoia described her to "strike back the moment she's struck," also showing that she is very determined not to be defeated at anything.


Queen Wasp hatched over fifty years ago. Her mother, Queen Cochineal, had been described as ruthless and egotistical. Wasp had eight sisters, but she killed her mother in traditional combat and was awarded the HiveWing throne. Wasp planned to become queen of all three tribes, and began to cut down large quantities of the forests Pantala was famed for. She believed this made the LeafWing tribe weak, however this was untrue. Later on, she announced that the Book of Clearsight (a detailed description of the future written by Clearsight, who had the power of foresight) declared that it was time for the three tribes to unite under her.

The queen of the SilkWings, Queen Monarch, agreed, but the LeafWing Queen, Sequoia, did not. This began the Tree Wars, with the HiveWings and LeafWings battling. The HiveWings became victorious and razed the forests to the ground, rendering Pantala entirely tree-free, except for an uninhabitable jungle in the far north. During this time, the LeafWings attempted to mind-control Wasp by feeding her the breath of evil plant, however this subjected her to the control of the breath of evil, and not the LeafWings.

The LeafWings were also believed to have been wiped out, however a small group had fled and adapted to the jungle. Wasp claimed them to be extinct, and everyone believed her. With the harvested trees, she built nine Hives, huge towerlike cities across the continent, connected by huge webbing bridges. She installed each of her sisters as the ruler of each Hive, with the title of Lady.

Over the years, under the control of the breath of evil, Wasp injected each newly hatched HiveWing egg with the breath of evil, subjecting them to her mind control. Soon enough, almost all living HiveWings were susceptible to her command except for a couple elders who were hatched before the war, and the royal family.

Wasp also kidnapped any SilkWing dragon that had the ability to create flamesilk and imprisoned them in a secret facility in her Hive. She enslaved them and forced them to mass-produce their flamesilk as a source of light for the Hives. This was kept secret from her subjects.

During the events of book eleven, Wasp took over the minds of every dragon in Cicada Hive in order to capture Blue and Luna, who were discovered to be flamesilks. Luna was captured, but BLue escaped with the help of some other SilkWings and a fellow HiveWing who wasn't susceptible to Wasp's hivemind. Wasp was furious and ordered all the Hives to be on lookout for the escapee.

Later, these two dragons, along with a LeafWing, stole the Book of Clearsight, to Wasp's Fury. They escaped and later freed Luna. All the Hives were on high alert for the fugitives. The next day, a LeafWing attack burned Bloodworm Hive to the ground. Many HiveWings died, but the SilkWings escaped due to prior warning from the LeafWings.

Wasp immediately took vengeance, taking control of every HiveWing on the continent and marching them towards the Poison Jungle, where she correctly guessed the LeafWings to be hiding. During the attack, the LeafWings burned a huge amount of the plant they believed to be the cure to the breath of evil, which gave Wasp her mind-control powers, sending the smoke into the attacking HiveWings. However, the plant was in fact the breath of evil, adding the LeafWing army to the mind control.

Wasp's current location is assumed to be Wasp Hive. She is currently under the control of the Othermind.


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