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I will never forgive you, Griffith. Not as the Queen of Midland, but as a woman will I take my revenge!
~ The Queen of Midland determined to kill Griffith to avenge Julius.

The Queen of Midland is a minor antagonist in Berserk. She is the King's current wife, Charlotte's step-mother and Count Julius's secret lover.


Years ago, the Queen came to the King from another country and married him hoping it would ease his pain over the death of his first wife. When the King buried himself in his work, unable to love her, she instead began to have an affair with his brother, Julius.

When Julius is assassinated by Guts, the Queen plans to avenge him by killing Griffith, the man who orchestrated the assassination. She overhears Minister Foss's plans to poison Griffith with a toxic wine when he gets promoted. The Queen warns that she would kill Griffith if the plan is botched.

That night at the ball, the plan to poison Griffith seems to work. Later, Foss begins to feel agitated and rebuffs it towards the Queen. While seemingly triumphant, the Queen sees some smoke approaching the meeting room containing her and the co-conspirators. As they try to escape, the building they are in is lit on fire.

Horrified, the Queen of Midland spots Griffith alive and well. He tells her he fooled the conspirators with a drug that simulated death. The angry Queen scolds Griffith's attempt at burning her alive, but Griffith tells her it is victory or death that decides your fate on the battlefield, and thus the Queen is burned alive.

The Queen appears early on the 1997 anime surprised by Griffith's coming-of-age.

In the Golden Age films, the Queen of Midland's role is reduced to a small non-speaking role at the ball.


The Queen is a callous and tyrannical woman who cheats on her husband. She seems to dislike the idea of commoners rising up to nobility.


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