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Come with me...
~ The Queen of the Black Puddle to Eustace Bagge.

The Queen of the Black Puddle is an antagonist in Courage the Cowardly Dog, appearing as the titular main antagonist of the episode of the same name and as a supporting antagonist in "Ball of Revenge".

She is a powerful and deceitful siren who is the queen of a secret and eerie underwater kingdom behind the strange all-black watery liquid called the Black Puddle. She also has a scary, hypnotic voice. She delights on seducing and eating her victims, like Eustace Bagge.

She was voiced by an uncredited Susanne Blakeslee, who also played Lady Tremaine in the two Cinderella sequels.


The cryptic Queen of the Black Puddle tried to seduce Eustace Bagge into going down into the titular puddle and into her shadowy domain. She later takes him, and Courage goes to reluctantly save him (for Muriel, of course). It was revealed that she was a hideous monster known as a Siren who eats the flesh of any men who follow her back to her castle within her hidden kingdom.

Courage later gets Eustace and enters the Bagge's living room through Muriel's tears. He later dries up the puddle, thus trapping her. She also appears as a dog before Courage at the end.

She later appears in the episode "Ball of Revenge" where Eustace called together Courage's previous enemies, and conspires with them to kill the dog. She is also a player in the dodgeball game. She later prepares to kill Courage by using a missile in a conchshell.

Luckily, Muriel asks about Courage's "talent" and he screams so loud, that a chasm formed, and she and the other villains presumably fall. It could be possible if he survived if Katz did.



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