Queen of the Reich is the eponymous main antagonist of The Mob (later known as Queensrÿche) song of the same name from their self-titled debut EP.


Little is known about Queen of the Reich's past before the events of the song. However, the text seen in the beginning of the music video explains that she is an evil adventurer who has enslaved the world after the 4th Great War with an ancient computer energized by a crystal she found and declared herself "Queen of the Reich". The only thing standing in her way are five freedom fighters portrayed by the band members, previous attempts in destroying her having ended in those who attempted to do so being absorbed into her computer shrine.

While trying to find their way into Queen of the Reich's lair, four of the freedom fighters are captured by her minions who then deliver them to their mistress. She then absorbs the captured freedom fighters into her computer shrine.

Meanwhile, the fifth freedom fighter finds his way into the Queen's lair and rescues a woman being led by two other minions. The fighter and the woman then head to the direction they were taking her to in order to rescue the others. Unfortunately for him, however, she reveals herself as yet another minion once they reach the computer room and the two start fighting while Queen of the Reich starts firing laser beams at the freedom fighter. However, he manages to defeat the minion, dodge the laser beams and stun the Queen temporarily by deflecting one of the laser beams at her, giving him enough time to rescue his four comrades. Reunited, the freedom fighters cautiously approach the Queen and remove her visor only to be then taken aback by an unseen force. The video then ends with the text "To be continued...".


Queen of the Reich is shown to be power hungry and cruel, willingly enslaving the world with an ancient computer and being willing to absorb others into her computer shrine despite the process being painful (the lyrics describe the victims as "screaming out in pain" and "dreams of dying" filling their heads). She also seems to be a careful planner, having one of her minions disguise themselves as a woman in need of rescue in order to lure the fifth freedom fighter into a trap.


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  • Queen of the Reich served as inspiration for the band's new name when they decided to change the name from "The Mob" into Queensrÿche. The spelling was altered so they wouldn't be mistaken for Nazi sympathizers.
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