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Quell is an antagonistic, squid-like monster in the survival-horror game, The Evil Within. Hiding in plain sight, the Quell hunts all prey whether they are Sebastian, Haunted or otherwise.


The Quell is a physical representation of Ruvik's desire to remain unseen by others due to how it camouflages itself.

Compared to the other of Ruvik's creations, the Quell seems more predatorily by nature. It attacks whatever it encounters, including Haunted (where other monsters like the Trauma patrol with it).

It never attacks outwardly, the Quell's frame is perfect for stealth so it stalks its prey before killing. The Quell often uses pipes to ambush Sebastian before engaging in their fight. It seems to soak it's victims in saliva before devouring them with its hidden mouth.

The Evil Within

The Quell appears only in Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives. Sebastian notices it lurking around the sewers and hunting other Haunted - in one scene it grabs an AlterEgo by the neck and consumes it. It also ambushes Sebastian several times as he tries to activate the generator via an upward pipe but a single gunshot is able to free him. The final time the Quell appears is when it reveals its camouflage and throws Sebastian into an arena like area, it uses pipes, produces slugs and purple smoke to kill him but Sebastian eventually triumphs.


  • The definition of "Quell" is to put an end to a disorder or rebellion typically by physical force.