Quellor is the "Supreme Oppressor" of M.A.V.O. (Monsters And Villains Organization) and is one of the two main antagonists of the cartoon The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin alongside Tweeg.

He was voiced by the late Les Lye.


Quellor is feared and respected in the whole of Grundo, and he sees the Illiop race as a threat to his master-plan: to regain all six of the crystals, to the one he already has in the Black Box, an instrument with which he can remove a person's memory.

With these crystals, his evil will reign supreme over all of Grundo.

Because they are so afraid of the Black Box's power, Quellor can easily control his underlings in MAVO - and frighten them into doing whatever he commands of them.

He is a lot smarter - and certainly more able - than most of his minions.

His three most trusted servants are his two pet bats, and (possibly) Ickly Bognostroclum, the MAVO gate-keeper. He also often calls upon Sludge, Drudge and Trudge to carry out his tasks.

He considers the other Teddy Ruxpin villain, Jack Tweeg, a complete idiot, laughing off his ridiculous attempts to join MAVO and throwing Tweeg into his dungeons.

He at one point temporarily lost the Black Box, but just as quickly regained it.

He, Bognostroclum and Mrs. Maggotheart (the Understander of Legends, and Bill collector) formed a group who all share the goal of regaining the six crystals.

Quellor (one of very few baddies who lives up to their name) was not in the original Book & Tape series - but rather, was introduced into the 1980s Teddy Ruxpin cartoon.


  • He has also been compared to the Care Bears' No Heart.
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