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Quentin Glass is the secondary antagonist of the 2004 Marvel film The Punisher. He is the personal assistant, best friend and right-hand man for Howard Saint. He is a ruthless homosexual mobster, but he is most of all known for his sadism.

He was portrayed by Will Patton, who also portrayed Alan Wilson in 24.


Quentin Glass was the right-hand man to Howard Saint, and blackmails Jimmy Weeks into giving up Castle's identity.  Glass is one of the participants to Puerto Rico to assassinate Frank Castle and his family. Through Mickey Duka's spying, it's revealed that Quentin is secretly gay, which only Livia aware of and Frank Castle takes photographs of him kissing another male in an alley in order to help Frank Castle on his revenge.

With Duka's help, Castle manipulates Howard into believing that Livia Saint and Quentin are having an affair, with Howard oblivious for the fact about his close friend's homosexuality. Quentin come home to find his furniture moved and Howard throws a knife on the ground, urging Quentin to pick it up, Quentin doesn't since he's confused and Howard does it. Howard stabs Quentin and fatally wounds him.


Quentin is a highly cold, ruthless, violent and sadistic person. He is a sadist as he enjoys harming, tormenting, abusing and torturing people for fun and for gaining information.

He is sort of both a good "cop" and a bad "cop". For example; he is enjoying doing jobs to the Saints and aiding Howard, while he is also an evil individual as he will be ready to do anything to make sure that rivals or enemies of the Saints will die.

Quentin's death.



  • Assassins - Subordinates

The Saint Family - Employers


  • The Punisher/Frank Castle
  • Mickey Duka - Former Ally turned Enemy


  • Quentin Glass does not exist in the comics at all, and he is an original character created for the film.


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