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Quentin Hapsburg is the main antagonist in The Naked Gun 2: The Smell of Fear.  


Quentin Hapsburg owns oil company called Hexagon Oil, who wants to make money in new energy source. He kidnapped Dr. Albert Meinheimer is an advocate of renewable energy in his institute for the President George H.W. Bush that he was speaking for. He used an impostor Earl Hacker who looks like Dr. Albert Meinheimer who will recommend Nuclear Energy and Fossil Fuel for the president. To make his company richer and get the government money for it.

He figure out Lt Frank Drebin from Police Squad is tracking him down. He ordered his henchman Hector Savage to take him out. But that failed. He still goes along with the plan, his real M.O. is to destroy press club where Dr Meinheimer presenting the speech and him and his impostor will leave the helipad with his small nuclear explosive.

This will make Meinheimer the mastermind who destroyed the press club and the kill the president and the first lady. This will make Hapsburg the hero and the government with a new president to give him the government contracts of his new energy business. Until Lt Frank Drebin found out his plan and shut down his plans and operations on time. Before Drebin dismantled the bomb, he ask Hapsburg the abort codes but fell down on the window when he lost his balance. Hapsburg survived the fall, but a Lion from the escaped zoo found Hapsburg and devoured to death. Personality: Evil, greedy, likes to manipulate, polite, leader and businessman personality, criminal, corrupt, tough, selfish, and fighting personality.

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"Que sera sera... You do speak French, don't you?"

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"I don't recall your name on the guest list."

"We'll be at the reception. Make sure nothing happens to him while I'm gone. Then, I want the pleasure of killing you myself."

"Any final requests, Lieutenant?"

"Ohh no! I'm not going to fall for that one!"

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