Quentin V. Manderbill

Quentin V. Manderbill

Quentin V. Manderbill is the antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Where the Fun Never Stops".

He was voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also played Ranger Squeeky.


Quentin V. Manderbill is a Nobel-prize winning duck and a former child prodigy (he had won the prize at the age of 10). His goal is to have power, and he uses it by adding prizes to playground equipment, and making sure that it is required to push the limit by either pushing a merry-go-round too fast, swinging too high, or see-sawing too hard, causing kids to bite off more than they can chew and lose sight of playtime's real purpose.

Anytime he catches a Danger Ranger inspecting, or another one tries to find out, that Danger Ranger loses his or her contact with SAVO and Ranger Gabriela, and he restrains their arms and legs and keeps them inside a force-field.


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