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Ahmir Khalib Thompson (AKA "Questlove") is a one-time villain from The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Menace to Secret Society". He is a famous rapper and member of the Hip Hop Illuminati.

He is voiced by his real-life counterpart .


In "Menace to Secret Society", Questlove participated in a Hip Hop Illuminati meeting and said that because of his giant afro, he wanted bigger hoods so that they could fit on his head. Questlove and Kenny West danced around on the world's largest remote and Questlove pretended he was Tom Hanks. Questlove admitted to controlling the surveys which show the statistics of people's marriages. Questlove gave a beat for their song. During the song, Questlove served as the DJ and made rainbows come out of his armpits. Questlove stopped Kenny West from continuing his rapping after the song was over. Questlove, along with the rest of the Hip Hop Illuminati showed up in Cleveland's house and assured him that they weren't going to hurt him. They just needed Cleveland to ruin Kenny West's career. As Questlove explained, they didn't want Kenny in the group anymore but they couldn't kick him out if he was the biggest rapper out there, so they required Cleveland's help with sabotaging his career. Questlove put his feet on the coffee table and Cleveland told him to get his feet off because Donna had a rule against it. Questlove also told Cleveland that if he helped them kick Kenny out of the Hip Hop Illuminati, they'd let him join. Cleveland failed and only made Kenny West more popular than ever before and with that, the Hip Hop Illuminati gave up and disbanded.


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