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Quetzalcoatl is a godlike monster and an antagonist in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. It is a deity worshipped by the Mexican, Aztec, Toltec, and Mayan cultures for centuries. It is said to be a supreme deity sent by another, the supreme god to rule over Earth. Quetzalcoatl often manifests in the form of a giant feathered serpent.


While in search of the Treasure of Sierra Tamale, the Ghostbusters, Slimer, and Charlie Venkman finally found the famed gold statue, said to be worth millions. The artifact would be placed in the ownership of Mexico, but the reward for finding it was fair game. Following the P.K.E. Meter, they discovered they were standing on the statue and found a piece of gold. Upon trying to pry it loose, the statue came to life and was revealed to be Quetzalcoatl, the source of the incredible readings the P.K.E. Meter detected.

The Ghostbusters soon discovered standard Proton Streams were ineffective. Egon Spengler realized its only weakness was extreme temperature since serpents were cold-blooded. Hopefully, so would Quetzalcoatl. He gathered the four Proton Packs and created a feedback loop, like the SCEP-TECH if it overloaded, and the controlled psychomagnetheric vacuum lowered the ambient temperature to freezing. Quetzalcoatl was frozen in place allowing the team to flee the temple. Egon deduced when the ice melted, Quetzalcoatl would simply return to its hibernation. The team agreed to spread a cover story to dissuade future expeditions. 



  • Quetzalcoatl is based on the ancient Mesoamerican deity of the same name.
  • Egon refers to Quetzalcoatl as being a shapeshifter, though he is only seen in his feathered serpent form in the episode. It should be noted that Paco, one of the Quoatles is able to assume human form, so it may be assumed that Quetzalcoatl can change his appearance, he just chose not to. It is unknown what connection, if any, Paco has with Quetzalcoatl. One theory is he was his guardian and servitor.
  • None of the Ghostbusters knew that Paco was a Quoatle, a creature born of the power of Quetzalcoatl.


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