Quicksand is a villain from the Marvel comics.


As revenge towards the world, Quicksand tried to meltdown the engine of an important nuclear plant. This led to a conflict between her and Thor. Thor could not defeat Quicksand, but saved the surrounding area by launching the nuclear plant to a different dimension. Quicksand retreated, not wanting to meet Thor in battle again.

Quicksand was then approached by Mongoose, an agent of the High Evolutionary. The Evolutionary wanted a tissue sample of Thor in order to create a species of super-gods. Mongoose promised Quicksand that the Evolutionary could restore her previous human form, if she could keep Thor busy for long enough for him to hit Thor with a ray and take the samples. However, Quicksand almost could not contain Thor, and she ran away the moment Mongoose finished his task.

Quicksand later showed up as a member of Superia's all-female criminal organization the Femizons. While on a cruise ship the Femizons were traveling to Superia's island on, Quicksand had a disagreement with fellow villainess Anaconda that turned to violence. Ananconda's constricting ability proved to be of little use against Quicksand's power, however, leaving Quicksand triumphant.

Quicksand and Mongoose were apprehended by the Thunderbolts. She has agreed to work with Baron Zemo.

Dark Reign

She later joined the Women Warriors, a female team part of the Initiative as the Delaware team.

In that team and along Constrictor, she confronted the R.A.I.D., and later participated to Osborn's attack on Asgard. She was among the squad to personally confront Thor.

Fear Itself

She was presumably captured and sent to the Raft, whom she seemingly escaped from during the Fear Itself events, when Kuurth (the Juggernaut) break out. She was seemingly contained by Justice on Long Island and handed over to the authorities, but was later defeated by Thor Girl and Cloud Nine in Philadelphia before she could go on mass murder, just before the two heroes were attacked by the Liberteens. She was presumably handed over by the Philadelphian heroes, and sent back to the Raft.

After the Avengers/X-Men conflict, the Raft was then damaged and numerous super-criminals were sent to another prison, unfit to store such individuals. A riot exploded, and Quicksand was a key in the brawl, until she was defeated by both Rogue and Mimic.


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