Do we look like we need any of your help?
~ Quill as he prepares to kill the President

Quill is a supporting antagonist in X-Men: The Last Stand. He was a mutant with the ability to sprout porcupine-like quills from his body and use them as high speed projectiles which could kill his enemies at will.

He was portrayed by Ken Leung.


Quill's personality is almost identical to Callisto's. He is a cocky, malevolent, bitter, condescending, and arrogant mutant supremacist. He also allied with Magneto, in order to continue serving his mistress. He also sardonically told the President's secretary to calm down and that she would be fine before proceeding to deliberately injure her fatally, showing a sadistic side to him as well.

Powers and Abilities

Porcupine Physiology: Quill was able to generate spikes in a matter akin to that of a porcupine. He used this power to incapacitate a secretary.


He was a member of the Omega Gang, a group of mutant outcasts based in an underground network in the United States. Quill had his hair cut in the back to look like the Omega Gang symbol.

When news about the creation of the mutant cure has been reached, Quill was among the many of the Omega who wasn't happy by this as he enjoyed his powers. To that end, he and the other Omega allied with the Brotherhood of Mutants (led by Magneto) to track down the mutant boy named Leech, whose powers act as the source of the cure.

During the battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, Quill eventually killed Dr. Kavita Rao and almost killed Dr. Worthington, who was saved by his son Warren instead. Quill was killed along with Arclight and Psylocke on Alcatraz Island by Dark Phoenix's disintegration wave.


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