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The Quintessons were a race of interdimensional beings who traversed the multiverse, and judged whether universes deserved to live, or be destroyed. They were the main antagonists of Transformers Cyberverse's third season.  


Using their multiverse drive, the Quintessons would traverse the Multiverse, and pass judgement on the universes they entered. To do this, they took an native of this universe, and mutated them into a Judge, so that they could judge properly. If the universe was found guilty, then it would be destroyed with unspace, which would obliterate all matter. The Scientist traditionally oversaw the process, and in his travels developed a fondness for collecting various iterations of Soundwave he plucked from the various doomed universes his kind had passed judgement upon. 

At some point in the distant past, the Quintessons entered the Universe, and invaded the colony world of the Titan Croaton. They were known to the universe, with Wheeljack referencing the Quintesson's reputation for engineering when affecting repairs to a disused space bridge. By 2007, the Quintessons had established an outpost in a distant region of the galaxy, and had encountered the races of the Velgrox and the Gray, incorporating a member of both races into their latest Judge.

Season 3

The Quntessons would discover that Cybertronians existed in this universe when Croaton flew past their ship, carrying the Decepticon Starscream. After Starscream was captured, to be judged and executed, he instead persuaded the Quintessons to go after the AllSpark. Realising they could use it to power their latest Judge, they headed to Cybertron, and honoured Starscream by assimilating him into their next Judge.

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  • These Quintessons have nothing to do with the Transformers origins, unlike their G1 counterparts famously did.
  • The Quintessons name is pronounced differently to previous incarnations, being said with emphasis on "Quin-TESS-ons", rather than "QUIN-tess-ons".
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