The Quinx Squad, or the Qs Squad, is a small division within the CCG and are the main protagonists of the dark fantasy manga sequel series Tokyo Ghoul:re. It's a small squad made up of primarily four members who are all Quinx, a species made up of humans who have had Quinques surgically implanted inside of their bodies to give them kagunes like ghouls (but still use Quinques anyways), and assists the CCG in tracking down major ghouls and assists them in destroying the Aogiri Tree.

The squad has proficiency in their abilities bur often face prejudice from other investigators such as the Hirako Squad due to them being lazy and sloppy with their work and Sasaki is often blamed for their original reputation. Since the Auction Operation however, the team's reputation has greatly improved leading to discussions of possibly promoting them and raising the ranks of the squad members.

Notable Members


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