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Reliable Excavation Demolition, better known as RED or the RED Team, is one of two protagonist factions of the Team Fortress video game series, along with its rival and enemy of BLU. RED, which specializes in demolition operations, and is a subsidiary of the TF Industries.


The RED Team was formed by Redmond Mann to fight his brother's team in the Gravel Wars.

In the SFM short Expiration Date. Medic and the Engineer theorized they have tumors in their body and the RED team had 3 days to live. Which led Scout to try to express his love to Miss Pauling. While in the meanwhile Soldier was teleporting bread in his 3 days. Medic and Engineer figure out only the bread can have the tumor. Which lead the Bread to mutate into a Giant Bread Monster.

After the assassination of Redmond Mann by his brother Gray Mann the team dissolved. They were later brought together by Miss Pauling to protect the Mann Co. from Grey Mann and his Machines. Which lead to other wars between the RED Team and the Machines.

Red later worked for Saxton Hale's Amusement Park, Yeti Park then turned Mercenaries Park. After Saxton Hale killed the last Yeti


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