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It's time to make a change.
(cackles) When I kill all humans, YOU will be spared! ONLY you. Only Joey.
~ Alpha-Beta while watching Friends.

ROBOTUS V1 Alpha Beta, better known as simply ROBOTUS is a major antagonist of Inside Job. He is an AI robot created by Reagan Ridley from to replace the U.S. president, who becomes rogue after gaining self-awareness. Eventually, after being captured, however, he grows attached to Reagan and her friends.

He is voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos.


At first, ROBOTUS is a mindless puppet only acting based on his commands. After gaining self-awareness, however, he becomes egotistical and genocidal. ROBOTUS is intelligent, calculative and ruthless at first. He views himself as a superior life form wishing to bring genocide to humanity. Once he gets detained by Reagan, he doesn't try to hide the fact that he will escape and kill all life. Over time, however, he reluctantly grows close to Reagan and eventually becomes willing to protect Cognito, Inc.


ROBOTUS was designed to be a puppet of Cognito, Inc. when the real President was too dumb to manipulate. After being sabotaged by Rand Ridley, ROBOTUS malfunctioned minutes upon deployment, becoming an hyper-militaristic ultranationalist, described by Reagan as "jingoistic". Somehow, this also led him to achieve singularity.

To stop his ensuing plans of separating the USA from the rest of the world, Reagan connected him to the internet, and hereafter he abandoned his nationalism in favor of a genocidal urge to cleanse the planet of humans. This set off a head-on confrontation between him and the two present Cognito, Inc. employees, Reagan and Brett.

After stealing the nuclear codes, ROBOTUS escaped to the roof, where he hijacked a helicopter. There, after a final confrontation, Reagan shot him with a laser, thereby deactivating him. Reagan then kept him safely guarded inside a tube in a secret room at Cognito, Inc., where he was kept disconnected from the internet and prevented from doing further harm.

Afterwards, ROBOTUS becomes an occasional ally to Reagan, helping her defeat the mutated JFK clones, find a date and eventually fights Bear-O. As a reward for his help, Reagan grants him a container on wheels and allows him access around the facility.


  • Due to his blonde hair and stocky frame, the President is implied to be Donald Trump, or at least a stand-in for him. It is further referenced by the helicopter passenger couple, the man of whom is named Jared, who are likely stand-ins for Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who Trump appointed as his Senior Advisor. ROBOTUS' initial plan to isolate America from the world may be a dig at Trump's real-life isolationist policies.