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All humans fear things, but among the most universal of the concepts that fills us with dread and terror is the unknown. We exist in a constant quest to know, so that whatever lies beyond our comprehension cannot harm us. The Authority, by contrast, dives into that darkness, and takes it to pieces, to see what makes it work. We are the explorers who plumb the depths of the bizarre, the guards who protect against the unnatural, and the builders who construct the barriers that hold back the impossible.

For centuries the Authority has protected the great masses of Humanity from the anomalies and entities that would, consciously or otherwise, seek to do it harm. Our mandate is international and extends to the stars above. Agents of the Authority are active in every nation and land of this Earth, working in cooperation with their peers, and with our various sister organizations, to maintain normalcy or the semblance thereof whenever possible. Our powers are not infinite. Our reach is not omnipresent. Our will to research, and protect, and contain, however, is as boundless as the human spirit.
~ The Directorate

The Research Protection Containment Authority, better known as the RPC Authority are major antagonists in the RPC Authority mythos. They are an organization that does research protection and containment on RPCs. The Authority stays hidden from the public to avoid any information from leaking into the public, and if anyone find information about the Authority or RPCs anomalies or objects, agents will be sent to give the individual amnestic and provide a false cover up story.


Similarly to its predecessor, the RPC Authority mythos is a creation of the internet, being first made in June of 2018. Following a long-standing schism between the site's old guard and relative newcomers who looked down on its 4chan roots, a change in that month to make the icon themed around Pride Month was seen as the breaking point, as having an organization with blatant disregard for human rights caring about societal issues was deemed to be tone-deaf and immersion-breaking by the old guard. In response to this, in addition to various SCPS right-wing users deemed to be too "political" (such as SCP-2721 and SCP-3677), many people stormed the SCP Foundation to attack the offending articles and the admins en-masse, with various writers and users being banned because of this disruption. Due to this, some of the now-blocked users alongside established members of the community decided to make the RPC Authority mythos to create what they deemed to be a more "pure" form of horror.



Before the Authority was established, a book entitled the Harpocrationis Lexicon in Impertus Auctoritas known to the Authority as the Lexicon Auctoritas was written by Plutarco Di Biasio in 1468 A.D. giving information about strange, and unknown anomalies and objects that can be a threat to humanity and how to fend these anomalies and objects off. With the Lexicon Auctoritas being handed down for years up until 1815.


The RPC Authority was founded and formed in 1815 A.D. after obtaining Lexicon Auctoritas, with the Authority gaining knowledge that before Humanity used to fend off strange anomalies and objects without the use of technology. Giving the threat by these anomalies, the RPC Authority made it's sole mission contain these anomalies and research them to get better understanding to contain these anomalies and to protect humanity from these anomalies.

During and After Second World War

In 1937, a German sect of the RPC Authority broke all ties with the group forming the German Anomalous Research Division/GARD and work with the Nazi Regime. When the second world war broke out, GARD's main goal was to help the German and Axis Power win the war by the capturing and usage of the anomalies. Due to the threat that GARD poses to safety of the world and humanity, the Authority was force to fight the war under the side of the allies and retake the anomalies from GARD. After winning the war the Authority form a partnership with Nucorp to be it sole suppliers of weapons and gears manufacturing to help contain RPC anomalies and objects. and in the 1947 international governments recognized the Authority and agree to keep any information about the Authority or any RPC anomalies secret from the public.

Classification on RPC anomalies and objects

The Authority has classification system on RPC anomalies and objects which result in determining on how dangerous each RPC is to humanity. With the classification being Containment Rating, Secondary Class, and Lethality Rating, as only Lethality Rating must be pair with Containment Rating or Secondary Class to classified the RPC Anomaly or Object threat level. The Authority explains each of these classification on the RPCs.

Containment Rating

  • Alpha-rated anomalies can be contained with minimal difficulty. This may be as a result of a lack of harmful properties on the part of the anomaly itself, or extensive research by the Authority resulting in an understanding of how to nullify or prevent the activation of the anomaly's unusual characteristics. Alpha anomalies may also require an extremely specific trigger or sequence of events to occur before they become active, allowing them to be stored safely if these conditions are met.
  • Beta-rated anomalies present a degree of difficulty or unpredictability in their containment. This is often the result of a lack of sufficient understanding of the functioning of the anomaly, or some property specific to the anomaly that makes it behave in unexpected ways. Beta is by consequence a containment rating covering a large scope, and many anomalies may be temporarily assigned Beta rating upon acquisition and later assigned a different rating when better understood. Items which are sentient/sapient/autonomous are generally classed as Beta regardless of their other characteristics due to their inherent unpredictability.
  • Gamma-rated anomalies present an elevated difficulty of containment, and such containment measures that do apply to them are frequently inconsistent, expensive or complex. Such a rating may imply a degree of anomalous behavior which is beyond the scientific understanding of the Authority, that the anomaly is actively seeking to break containment, or simply that the anomaly is at such a scale that containment requires vast expenditures of resources.
  • Omega-rated anomalies are those which are the most difficult to reliably contain, or are effectively un-containable. These entities frequently represent a threat to global normalcy, though they are not inherently dangerous. Omega implies containment focused on preventing the spread of knowledge about an entity, in such cases where physical containment is simply not possible.

Secondary Class

Secondary classes are supplementary classes that sometimes exist following the object class. They convey important information regarding the state and/or utility of the anomaly. An object may have multiple secondary classes if appropriate.

  • Explained (EX) anomalies are those whose anomalous characteristics are fully understood or reproducible by the Authority, and are thus technically no longer considered anomalies.
  • Neutralized (NT) anomalies are those whose anomalous properties have become or been made inert. This only applies to the anomalous properties, not necessarily the physical state.
  • Utility (UT)-rated anomalies are those actively employed by the Authority for various purposes, such as containment of, or protection from, other anomalies.

Lethality Rating

  • White-rated RPCs denote anomalies that have no chance of being lethal and/or are entirely beneficial.
  • Yellow-rated RPCs denote anomalies with easily avoidable, and/or situationally lethal conditions.
  • Orange-rated RPCs denote anomalies that are capable of lethality but are not guaranteed to display it.
  • Red-rated RPCs denote anomalies that are actively lethal, making direct interaction a constant or variable risk.
  • Purple-rated RPCs denote anomalies capable of exterminating life en masse and/or entire populations.
  • Black-rated RPCs denote anomalies that are lethal enough to cause an apocalyptic scenario and/or end all human life.

Classification on RPC anomalies or objects display of Hazard types

The Authority also provides information on hazard types each RPC anomalies or objects will display hazardous effects. The Authority has classified each RPC anomalies or objects' hazardous effects for better containment effort by combating and containing the RPC anomalies or objects, with five types of hazard and the hazard types' information on the RPC anomaly or object. Which involve General Hazard, Hazardous Prosperities, Physical Hazard, Reality Hazard, and Cognitive Hazard.

General Hazard

  • Animated: Anomaly shows the ability of free movement. This can only be used if the Anomaly is not alive.
  • Aquatic: Anomaly affects water, tends to exist in an aquatic environment or is related to water.
  • Ecological: The anomaly is hazardous to the workings of the biosphere, whether through the destruction of an area's ecology or through the creation of a new and anomalous biosphere.
  • Extra-Terrestrial: The anomaly originates from beyond Earth's atmosphere or is currently located beyond Earth's atmosphere.
  • Immeasurable: The anomaly's effects are impossible to quantify with current scientific knowledge.
  • Incorporeal: The anomaly does not exist in a physical form, or can assume a form intangible to normal matter.
  • Mechanical: An anomaly that is a machine; this includes both electrical and traditional machines.
  • Microscopic: The anomaly is of very small size.
  • Organic: The anomaly is organic in nature.
  • Regenerative: The anomaly has the ability to reconstruct or repair itself when damaged, whether through mechanical, biological or other means.
  • Titanic: The anomaly has an extremely great size or mass.
  • Tychokinetic: The anomaly can actively or passively manipulate probabilities, altering the chances of events occurring.

Hazardous Prosperities

  • Aggression Hazard: The anomaly shows hostility towards staff or humans in general.
  • Ballistic Hazard: The anomaly has the ability to attack or exert itself via the creation or launching of projectiles.
  • Climatological Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat relating to the manipulation of weather systems.
  • Geological Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat relating to large or sudden changes in the topology, state and structure of the earth.
  • Grouped Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat when within a group of similar anomalies or by manifesting a group of hazardous objects and/or entities.
  • Invisibility Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat due to being impossible to see with the unaided human eye.
  • Psychotronic Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat through psychic properties including, but not limited to, telekinesis, prescience, telepathy and pyrokinesis.
  • Sapient Hazard: The anomaly is capable of employing high-level thinking and reasoning to hazardous effect.
  • Sentient Hazard: The anomaly is unpredictable, demonstrating base-level emotions and awareness of its surroundings, but does not demonstrate complex reasoning and thought.
  • Transmutation Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat through changing in form or the forms of other objects.

Psychical Hazard

  • Bio-Hazard: A biological threat stemming from microorganisms and virulent entities.
  • Contact Hazard: Making physical contact with the anomaly can cause harmful or hazardous effects.
  • Corrosive Hazard: The anomaly can corrode other objects or produce corrosive substances.
  • Electromagnetic Force Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat through the generation or manipulating of current, static electricity or electric/magnetic fields.
  • Explosive Hazard: The anomaly can explode, generate/manipulate explosive material or produce concussive shocks/vibrations that can incapacitate, cause injury or cause death.
  • Extreme Temperature Hazard: The anomaly can alter temperature to extremes which are hazardous to humans.
  • Radiation Hazard: The anomaly can produce or manipulate ionizing and/or particle radiation which is harmful to humans.
  • Toxic Hazard: The anomaly is chemically toxic to humans or capable of producing/manipulating substances which may be chemically toxic.

Reality Hazard

  • Destabilization Hazard: The anomaly causes reality to become unstable to a hazardous extreme.
  • Extra-Dimensional Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat relating to the manipulation of dimensional space.
  • Gravitational Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat relating to the altering of gravitational forces.
  • Temporal Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat to humans or the stability of reality due to temporal effects.
  • Teleportation Hazard: The anomaly poses a threat through instantaneous transportation of matter or energy.

Cognitive Hazard

  • Auditory Hazard: Sound produced by or related to the anomaly can trigger hazardous effects.
  • Emotional Hazard: The anomaly is capable of creating an emotional state in individuals which is dangerous to themselves or others.
  • Ideological Hazard: The anomaly is hazardous to a subject's preconceived notions and beliefs or may change their notions and beliefs in a forceful manner.
  • Info-Hazard: Information or data related to the anomaly may trigger hazardous effects or have a damaging effect on the human psyche.
  • Memory Alteration Hazard: The anomaly poses a hazard relating to the alteration or creation of memories.
  • Mind-Control Hazard: The anomaly is capable of manipulating the actions of an individual or can take full control of an individual.
  • Mind-Regression Hazard: The anomaly is capable of regressing the state of sapience or sentience in an entity or causing permanent cognitive damage to an entity.
  • Sensory Hazard: The anomaly has a permanent or temporary effect on the proper functioning of the subject's senses or can cause hazardous effects through sensory contact not covered by the Visual Hazard or Auditory Hazard.
  • Visual Hazard: Viewing the anomaly can trigger hazardous effects.

Group of interest and their threat code

The RPC Authority is not the only organization with in the RPC Authority Mythos. As Nucorp is one organization with in the mythos that is the Authority's allied after the coming to the Authority's attention in 1939 and have full partnership with the Authority after the end of Second World War. Due to Nucorp being able to create highly advance technology that the Authority uses to contain many RPC anomalies and objects. However there are some organizations that pose a hostilities to the Authority or it's goals. But there are other organizations that know the existences of the Authority and their goals remains unknown or ambiguous by Authority.

Organizations with threat code labeled Hostile

  • Church of Malthus- The Church of Malthus is an organization made up of radical scientists and doctors from different scientific disciplines that wants to evolve humanity to be stronger by experimentation on evolution into making the perfect humans. Because of this, the Authority considers the Church's main goal as a threat on humanity by the Church's creations of anomalies that can threaten or destroy the human population, and made the Church as hostiles, any member of church who is sighted by RPC agents must be captured or shot on sight.
  • Children of Nihil- The Children of Nihil are a religious cult that believe in cleansing the world from the corruption caused by humanity by causing the Apocalypses and seek to find any RPC anomalies or objects to fulfill their goals. Making the Authority to see the Children of Nihil as openly hostile towards the Authority's goal of protecting humanity.
  • Righteous Central Protection Authority/RCPA- The RCPA is the alternate reality version of the RPC Authority whose goal is to protect humanity and preserve righteousness in their own reality. But when RCPA encounters the RPC Authority's world, the RCPA saw it as unrighteous and not perfected to their world. Which cause their main goal to take over the RPC Authority's world and destroy the RPC Authority by hiring or creating anomalies to attack. The RPC Authority labels the RCPA as hostile.
  • German Anomalous Research Division/GARD- GARD is a Nazis organization founded in 1930s. Formally the German section of the Authority, that broke off to serve the Third Reich Regime by collecting RPC anomalies and objects that would be useful for world domination. This caused the Authority to joined the allied powers to stop GARD and the axis powers. After the war the Authority is uncertain of how many members are involved with GARD.

Organizations with threat code labeled Unknown

  • Amazing! Co.- Amazing! Co. is a corporation that makes RPC anomalies or objects to be sold for commercial and recreational use. Amazing! Co. is aware of the Authority and the Authority is sometime confiscates these anomalies and objects that Amazing! Co. makes. However despite Amazing! Co. making RPC anomalies and object, their threat code is Unknown due to Amazing! Co.'s unknown goals.
  • Kabushiki Kawaii- Kabushiki Kawaii is underground black market company that create, train, and sell humanoid RPC anomalies to rich and private customers or corporations as servants via human trafficking. Kabushiki Kawaii is aware of the Authority and the Authority has also confiscated RPC anomalies that Kabushiki Kawaii has created. The Authority has speculated that Kabushiki Kawaii's main storefront reside somewhere in Japan, and the Authority has also investigated that Kabushiki Kawaii has bribed individuals who discovered their operations by mistakes into silence or turn that individual into an anomaly to be sold into the black market. Because Kabushiki Kawaii's awareness to the Authority and their status of selling anomalies into the black market. The Authority has label the threat code unknown until further notices.

Organizations with threat code labeled Ambiguous

  • Global Enterprise for Advance Research/GEAR- GEAR is large scale cooperation that are capable of creating anomalies for consumers and recreational use. The Authority has been investigating GEAR and found out that GEAR is up to something. GEAR is also aware of the Authority and anytime the Authority tries to raid any GEAR facilities, GEAR would already be gone. The Authority has also concluded that GEAR has been investing in military equipment and are capable of relocating in short amount of time. Because of this the Authority has GEAR's threat code as Ambiguous

List of Villainous RPCs


  • The RPC Authority was formed when several banned authors from the SCP Foundation Wiki became upset at what they thought was forced inclusion of politics into the fictional works, such as when the SCP staff put the LGBTQ pride flag on the site's logo. They formed the RPC Wiki in order to create works of fiction that were politically neutral.
    • Because of this there has been the misconception that the RPC Authority is anti-LGBT, although that is in fact not the case as the wiki does accept anyone wanting to contribute, but simply don't care about the sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Unlike the SCP Foundation Wiki which had no canon, the RPC Authority has one singular canon.
  • On May 19th, 2022 Wikidot servers has been hacked by Russian Hackers, compromising both the RPC Authority Wiki and SCP Foundation Wiki to be visited.

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