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Rest in peace, Gotham City.
~ Ra's plunging all of Gotham into darkness
For too long Gotham has held itself up as a symbol of hope. A place of dreams, excess and greed. No more. Tonight, the League of Assassins will show the world Gotham's true face as it is reborn in darkness, and as in all births, there will be pain. The police cannot help you, your elected officials cannot help you. Even your vigilante hero Batman cannot help you. Submit to my rule or become a remnant of history.
~ Ra's' speech to Gotham City
Congratulations. I've always wondered what it felt like to lose.
~ Ra's congratulating Batman for defeating him and thwarting his scheme.

Ra's al Ghul is one of the main antagonists of the short-lived 2013 animated superhero series, Beware the Batman, serving as the main antagonists of the first half of the show. He was the leader of the League of Assassins, a cult dedicated to the ruthless conquest of the world so Ra's could usher in a new better age for the world. He was one of Batman's most dangerous foes and the first one to give a major defeat to Batman and the closest to have brought all of Gotham to its knees.

He was voiced by Lance Reddick, who also voiced General Lunaris in DuckTales and Agent Clappers in Paradise P.D..


Like many other versions, Ra's al Ghul genuinely wants good for the world. However, he is a lot more despotic, intending to make humanity his slaves to achieving his dreams of a perfect world and purging the planet of what he deems corrupt. He also retains the usual respect he has for Batman, viewing him as a worthy opponent and skilled warrior even as he was. But his affability is mostly limited Batman while being intimidating to every other person unlike the case with most villains and much colder and stoic than usual. He is also a skilled mastermind, masterminding the entire conflict of Season 1 and with nothing but the power of his mind, manipulated Wayne Enterprises into giving him the weapons for his conquest while constantly adapting to multiple changes made to bring him and the Cortex down.


Ra's al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assassins. Deeming humanity too destructive in nature and chaotic and needs control, Ra's intends to give the planet a rebirth through his conquests. Using his Soultaker Sword, Ra's al Ghul effortlessly defeats multiple enemies and stole all their souls and placing them in eternal torment. Eventually, he is then confronted by Agent Alfred Pennyworth of MI6 years before the show. Threatening Agent Yamashiro's family, Ra's has him sell out Alfred and betray him to ensure his family's safety, and then has him use the Sword steal Alfred's soul. As they fight, Yamashiro lets go and sacrifices himself so Alfred could escape Ra's, while Alfred uses the sword to give a huge blast on Ra's and plunge him to a coma.

The League searched for his body and eventually found his body thanks to a deal with Anarky, who took it hostage for his own plans on personally destroying Gotham before returning it out of excitement for the carnage Ra's will wreck on Gotham upon awakening and get the League off his tail for betraying them. Lady Shiva then uses the Soultaker's sword to revive Ra's. Ra's then sends the mercenary Cypher to mind control Dr. Jason Burr, using him to develop the Ion Cortex, a source of never ending energy to the world, using Wayne's funding so Ra's could use it for his plans. Upon the completion of the Ion Cortex, Ra's has Burr transport it to his base to begin preparations. Upon seeing that the Cortex is functional, Ra's has Burr's soul drained when Batman and Katana free him from his control and try disabling the Cortex. Batman then challenges Ra's to a fight, which Ra's accepts. Despite beating him effortlessly in a fair fight, Ra's deems Bruce a worthy enemy of skill he has never seen before. Ra's orders Shiva to spare Batman to instill fear to Gotham, as he uses the Cortex to plunge the entire city into darkness by shutting off al power in the city.

He then transmits a speech to Gotham to accept his rule or be a remnant of the past, as no one can save them now. He then makes a transmission to the leaders, making an offer to allow Ra's to be Gotham's puppet ruler if they surrender to the League. If they don't Ra's will keep Gotham plunged in darkness and have everyone tear the entire city apart and destroy itself by riots, mass crimes and general atrocities as a result of the city going dark. When the Police Commissioner attempts to stand up to him, Ra's has him murdered and the other leaders hear his dying screams, reacting to it with dry wit to intimidate them into surrendering, giving them a deadline to accept his deal. Batman eventually escapes thanks to one of Lady Shiva's disgruntled minion, but Ra's eventually has Katana and Alfred captured when they tried to rescue Batman. Ra's reveals to Katana her father was the one who sacrificed his life so Alfred could escape while twisting the truth and lying that Alfred murdered him purposefully. Ra's then calls Batman to strike a deal to spare katana while noting he will be unable to free Alfred as he owes him a life. When batman refuses to surrender, Ra's enters Blackgate Penitentiary to break all of Batman's enemies, such as Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Magpie, Phosphorus Rex, Tobias Whale and Cypher, making an offer to give them a section of Gotham to control in exchange for capturing him, releasing them to capture him.

Meanwhile Batman has Barbara Gordon attempt to hack into the Cortex, causing the base's power to black out for a split-second, immediately dispatching Shiva to see it won't be a problem he needs to worry if it will jeopardize his plans. Ra's al Ghul then uses words to convince Katana to avenge her father's death by draining Alfred's soul to get revenge on the man who plunged him into a coma, nearly killing him even after Alfred reveals the full extent of what happened that day. Katana then refuses out of her own moral compass at the last second, to which Ra's has his minions attack them, before calling them off as he got word from Whale that he got Batman, who they seemingly made a deal tog et to Ra's. Whale then betrays Batman upon playing the odds of Batman winning and happily partners up with Ra's, until Batman reveals he was just stalling for Barbara to hack into the Cortex and restore power back to Gotham. Ra's then congratulates Batman for his strategy and teaching him what if feels like to lose. Batman then tells that he knows he can't beat him one and one and can only do so with an army of his enemies, using the reverse-chant to unleash all the souls Ra's has had drained to drag Ra's to his death, or worse.


Don't blame yourself Agent Pennyworth. You've came close to finding me than any before you. But you never had a chance. You are just a man and I am Ra's al Ghul. Your mistep is on trust. It's always the ones you least suspect that betray you the most severely. Like your partner.
~ Ra's al Ghul's first line
You now wield the Soultaker's Sword Agent Yamashiro. Use it to prove your new found loyalty. Before your new life begins, his must end.
~ Ra's ordering Agent Yamashiro to kill Alfred and drain his soul
The infamous Batman. I have been looking forward to this encounter for sometime. I apologize for the theatrics, but I had to make sure the Cortex was operational before you could intervene.
~ Ra's meeting Batman for the first time
You do not disappoint Batman. You are a worthy opponent.
~ Ra's al Ghul respecting Batman despite dominating and defeating him easily
The past always returns to haunt us, doesn't it Agent Pennyworth?
~ Ra's al Ghul meeting Alfred again
Will you rescue her Agent Pennyworth or kill her like you killed her father?
~ Ra's revealing to Katana on the truth of her father's death
You intrigue me Batman. A warrior of your talent and skill I haven't come across in millenia. Yet you rely on toys to protect you.
~ Ra's to batman on his cell
Your city's benefactor, Bruce Wayne, has provided me a weapon of limitless power. In his arrogance, Wayne thought he could bring light to the world like a god. Gotham is now the head of a beast whose tentacles will bring darkness to whatever they touch and in turn deliver power to me. Power to drain countries of their wealth, or crush them with their warheads, turning their citizens into slaves, all through a system already in place: the Internet. Who is the god now? Gotham is gone, there is nothing left to fight for. Join me, as I cleanse this city and return it to greatness.
~ Ra's' speech to Batman
Make sure that isn't somethign we need to worry about.
~ Ra's immedietally reacting when the light blacks out for a few seconds.
ayor Grange, Governor Quorto, Police Commissioner Correa, thank you so much for joining me, I believe the next few minutes are going to be very enlightening for all of us.
~ Ra's calling the Mayor, Governor and the Police Commissioner
So that's what I'm offering. The League needs a home and we have chosen Gotham. You may run your city as we always have, only now, you are under our protection, agree. And the likely deterrence, oppose me and Gotham will fall into a darkness that will never end.
~ Ra's al Ghul's offer to the leaders of Gotham
It appears you're going to be needing a new police commissioner. Do consider my offer, you have until sunrise.
Ra's al Ghul: A rescue attempt. How noble, and foolish, certainly of you. I have to say Kata, O am a bit disappointed. Alfred Pennyowrth, still alive. Have you no honor.

Katana: If you question my honor, let me prove it to you on the end of a sword.
Ra's: Wonderful bravado. Nothing like her father, wouldn't you say Alfred?
Alfred: Ignore the jackal's lies, Katana. You know the truth.
Ra's: Does she? Did you ever wonder, little girl, how your mother could afford to send you to such expensive boarding schools, or why Alfred, your father, who barely knew you, took such an interest in your life. He wasn't family. Was it because of love, loyalty to his old friend, or was it guilt? Open your eyes, you have been living a lie. Open your eyes, you've been living a lie.
Alfred: I should've destroyed you that day.
Ra's: But you didn't, you ran. You killed Tatsu's father and you ran.

~ Ra's pitting Katana against Alfred.
Ra's al Ghul: You've proven to be far more impressive than I gave you credit for, Batman. I do wish you have taken my offer. Perhaps then, I wouldn't be in the position to kill Agent Pennyworth and the lovely miss Yamashiro.

Batman: What do you want?
Ra's al Ghul: Pennyworth owes me a life. His fate is written. But surrender to me, and I will let Katana go. No negotiation. Those who you have fought to protect are now seeding Gotham to me. It's over.

~ Ra's bargaining with Batman
I am Ra's al Ghul. I come seeking help with a problem you are all familiar with. Batman.
~ Ra's al Ghul freeing multiple supervillains in Blackgate Penitentiary.
Ra's al Ghul: By morning, Gotham will be in the control of the League of Assassins. Help me, and there will be a place for you in it.

Magpie: By help you mean kill the Bat?<r> Ra's: Alive or dead is no matter to me. Whoever brings me Batman will be rewarded with their own piece of Gotham to do with as they place. So, do we have a deal?

~ Ra's making a deal with the supervillains
Ra's al Ghul: Choices demand our reckoning Ms. Yamashiro. Your father understood that, which is why out of respect for him, I am going to make you an offer.

Katana: Save your breath.
Ra's: Oh, my offer is simple. Kill Pennyworth, and I will release your father's sword from the Soultaker's Sword.
Katana: What? My father's soul?
Ra's: Edogawa has been trapped in this soul for decades because of Pennyworth and he said nothing. Your father's sword, in pain.
Katana: No.
Ra's: Avenge your father, and I'll set you free. I want my reckoning.

~ Ra's makes a deal with Katana
You could only outrun your past for so long, Agent Pennyworth.
~ Ra's taunting Pennyworth before he has Katana kill him
Well done. Now finish him.
~ Ra's ordering Katana to finish Alfred
He's lying Katana. He lied to you your whole life. He killed your father in cold-blood. Finish him
~ Ra's trying to manipulate Katana even more
Then your soul will join your father's and Pennyworth's. Kill them.
~ Ra's ordering his men to finish Alfred and Katana
Take a last look at your hero as he bows to me before you die.
~ Ra's seeing he captured Batman
Impressive. I was expecting a body, but not one soul, alive. This is indeed a wonderful prize.
~ Ra's congratulating Whale
We've danced this dance before Batman. Only an insane man will believe the outcome will be different.
~ Ra's fighting Batman for the second time
Your time is over, Batman. Gotham belongs to me. What is this? What is happening?
~ Ra's seeing the Cortex exloding
And what is my weakness?
~ Ra's retort to Batman saying that everyone has a weakness
Ra's: The Soultaker's Sword?

Batman: I was finally able to decode the synthian chant used to pwoer the sword.
Ra's: So you intent to put my soul back on the sword? This is no threat to me. The League of Assassins is legion. The sword will be found and I released.
Batman: Like I said, I can't defeat you one on one But with an army of your enemies... that's a different story.

~ Ra's realizing he is gonna be defeated for good
Stop!! Release me. NO!!!!
~ Ra's final words as he is dragged off to his fate by the army of tortured souls


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