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Humankind must be forced to serve the planet instead of its own appetites.
~ Ra's al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul is a major antagonist of the DC Animated Universe. He was an eco-terrorist who has lived for over 600 years through the use of Lazarus Pits.

Over his long lifetime, Ra's has become a master planner, an expert fighter, independently wealthy and the leader of a powerful criminal organization, making him one of Batman's most dangerous foes.

He was voiced by David Warner, who also played Jon Irenicus from Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and The Evil Genius from Time Bandits.

Batman: The Animated Series

At some point in his life, this man discovered the Lazarus Pits, which he used to prolong his life over and over again.

Now known as "Ra's al Ghul", he work towards his goal of reversing all of the damage that modern human progress had done to the earth and restoring it to a pure world free of technology. He also fathered at least two children: Arkady Duvall and Talia.


Decades later, Ra's al Ghul's presence was first made known to Batman. Later, Ra's met Batman right in the Batcave, requested his help in tracking down his daughter and Dick Grayson as they had both been kidnapped on the same night.

Superman: The Animated Series

Ra's continued to come into conflict with Batman, even attempting to prolong his own life by stealing Superman's powers. At the end of this ordeal, he and Talia were caught in a collapsing cavern. In the aftermath, neither one could be found, dead or alive.

Batman Beyond

Ra's al Ghul escaped death again but Ra's was left at the brink of death and the Lazarus Pits unable to repair the damage of his body. He asked her to sacrifice herself and she gave her permission, ceasing to exist. In his new body, Ra's took over Talia's legal identity and was able to keep himself alive through the years with the Lazarus Pits, as well as "improve" his image with charities.

Since after Bruce Wayne retired by the 2040s, Ra's al Ghul correctly guessed that the new Batman was the assistant Terry McGinnis.