Me-Gadora-De, labeled by the police as Unidentified Life Form B1, is a member of the Ra Group of the Gurongi and one of the two secondary antagonists in Kamen Rider Kuuga. She is one of the judges of the Gurongi game.


Ra-Baruba-De acted as the judge and strategist for Gurongi tribe. When the Gegeru was resumed in the modern-day, Baruba oversaw the game for the Zu and Me Groups, though she was joined by her fellow judge Ra-Dorudo-Gu after the commencement of the Go Group entering the game.

During Daguva's attack, Baruba was confronted by Ichijo whom she tells that humans will soon be "like the Gurongi" before fleeing. She was then brought down by Ichijo after he shot her with 8 Nerve-Breaking Bullets, causing her body to fall into the sea.

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