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Ra is the most eminent of the Employers and one of the overarching antagonists of the fan Madness Combat series REALM by Kelzad Oox on Newgrounds.



Ra's specific origin is unknown, though it can be inferred from the backstory of the Employers as a whole that Ra was originally a servant of the High until he and his fellow Employers betrayed it and stole its powers.

REALM 4 Trailer

Ra is first overlooking Nevada as Sokar takes it over. He sends three Employers down to Nevada before the rest of Employers head back into the depths of their realm.

REALM: Illuviation

As he overlooks Nevada, Osiris appears and informs him that Sokar has conquered it. Ra remarks that Sokar is a far greater threat than they had anticipated and Osiris states they should take action. However, Ra reminds Osiris that they have cast Sokar out of their realm once before and decides to see if Kelzad stands a chance against him.

After observing Kelzad's fight against Sokar, Anubis states that they should take action now that Sokar is weakened. However, Ra states that he believes Kelzad should be able to defeat Sokar and instead directs the Employers to take back Nevada from Sokar.


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