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Relinquish the planet Earth, or be annihilated, human child.
~ Rabbit Alien

The Barf Bunny is an antagonist of Go Go Moba Boy from Cartoon Monsoon. He wants to conquer Earth. For the mech, the Rabbit Alien has shades of pink and grey with red eyes. In reality, he has green skin, two buck teeth and red eyes. He was voiced by Daran Norris.


The Rabbit Alien arrived from an unknown planet and landed on Earth, ready to attack Moba Boy. He offered Moba Boy to give up Earth or be annihilated. As a result, the Rabbit Alien spit eggs of different colors at him. As he prepares to spit an egg at him, Moba Boy shoves it down his throat and destroys the robotic exterior. As Moba Boy tries to get ready for school, he tells the alien to never arrive at this corner at the galaxy again or he will vaporize the rabbit alien.


  • Moba Boy says to the alien, "Silly alien, Earth is for humans!" It is a joke on Trix cereal.