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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
~ The Rabbot's usual speech.

The Rabbot is the titular antagonist of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode of the same name and one of many creations of Dr. Weird.


Dr. Weird created the Rabbot as a device for stopping vegetables from taking over humanity. The Rabbot was sprayed with French perfume in the eyes, causing him to become angry and as a result, escape from Dr. Weird's lab. He came across Carl's car and destroyed it. He went over to the Powerpuff Mall by going through it and stole a lot of hair growth formulas, which he then consumed and started spraying on everything, including Master Shake. He terrorized the city of New Jersey, even after the Aqua Teens failed to stop him from covering the city in hairspray. He later joined a group lead by the Mooninites with several other villains, where he decided the name of the group as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

He later appeared in the episode "Rabbot Redux", where he destroyed the Aqua Teen's new home, and in the final episode "The Greatest Story Ever Told" as a patron in Shake's "Last Supper" and one of the few survivors of it.

Powers and Abilities

The Rabbot can jump at a long range and crush cars with his feet. Rabbot can go through walls thanks to its strenght, as he managed to escape Dr. Weird's lab, leaving a giant Rabbot-shaped hole in the wall which is seen in several other episodes. He also can consume lots of hair growth formulas and act like a giant hair growth spray covering with hair everything he hasn't destroy yet.

Rabbot is also revealed to be bulletproof in the final episode "The Greatest Story Ever Told", as he survives the shooting despite being the biggest target there.



  • Rabbot's heavily computerized voice ("Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday." and "1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,0.") comes from the vast X-Static Goldmine sound library. Other clips of the voice saying other things exist along with them. The creation or previous origin of these samples is unknown however.
  • Rabbot is one of the few recurring Aqua Teen Hunger Force villains that have never died in any of his appearances.


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