Rabeeder is a female Bakugan and an antagonist from Bakugan Battle Brawlers.


Of course she is a Haos and Subterra Hybrid like her younger sister Tricloid, she is the guardian where she drain Dan, Julie, Runo, Drago, Gorem and Tigrerra, of course she greeted them with her sister and tried to force them to play with them.

But they refuse at first and wanted to continue, when she tried to stop Dan she and Tricloid then has a crush on him starting to follow him and his friends everywhere, after finding them in the jewel place Dan was sure they are working for Naga.

Wich they denied then Julie, Runo and the Bakugan see the bakugans who are trapped in the dust, they are force to play their game of course Tricloid make a heart from mud to Dan wich he accept and are now forced to race.

When Dan win they let him Drago and their friends continue, of course the game was to slow down Dan and his friends to let Naga go to the real world. She then reappear in the real world to help Naga get the Infinity core, she is then confronted by Christopher and his Juggernoid then Alice and Hydranoid.

They fight her to be sure that she will not go to the infinity core,she was enraged when she learn her sister was defeated by Billy and Julie, then Klaus and Sirenoid join them to fight her, she was tranformed temmporary into an aquos bakugan, but her defeat was made by Hydranoid with who she begged that he kill her.

Hydranoid was ready to kill her, but Alice begged him to not do that while same if she know that what Masquerade will do, but she was not the same person anymore, while Alice tried to spare her from this fate, Tricloid then reappeared to be reunited with her, of course after happily being reunited with her sister she have a change of heart after her sister tell her they should return home instead of working for Naga, wich she accepted and both of them leave.