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Rachel, also known as the Duchess of Camden, is the secondary antagonist in the 1999 animated Italian film, The Legend of the Titanic.


Rachel is the second wife of the Duke of Camden, a wealthy aristocrat who owns whaling rights to an unidentified part of the world's oceans. She is also the stepmother of Elizabeth, the Duke's daughter from a previous marriage. Rachel is arrogant, quarrelsome, unscrupulous, conceited, shrewish, and nasty. She does not like her husband very much, instead preferring the company of Maltravers, whom she has a close association with. She also dislikes her stepdaughter and is very controlling towards her. She can sometimes be seen with her pet cat. Her unnamed sister, with a similar cat and a personality identical to hers, is often by her side.

Rachel and her family travel on the Titanic. Also accompanying them is Rachel's sister. Rachel pressures Elizabeth to marry Maltravers, who instead falls in love with gypsy Don Juan. At dinner, Rachel expresses her hope that Elizabeth and Maltravers could get married on the Titanic, which upsets Elizabeth. Rachel pretends to be concerned about Elizabeth's seemingly unladylike behavior, though this belies her true intentions.

Rachel keeps close with Maltravers, and the two discuss their plans repeatedly. Eventually, Rachel finds out that Elizabeth is not interested in Maltravers and is spending time with Don Juan. Rachel scolds Elizabeth while the two are in their cabin. Elizabeth then angrily tells Rachel that she should marry Maltravers herself if he's so important to her, which promptly leads Rachel to storm off in anger.

In the end, Rachel betrays her husband to Maltravers, forcing him to sign a whaling concession. She and her sister laugh haughtily at the Duke's suffering. Rachel and her sister later escape with Maltravers and his butler.

Despite the apparent success at gaining the whaling concession and sinking the Titanic, Maltravers and Rachel are doomed. They are last seen in the North Atlantic, lost in the icy waters.

As she does not appear in the sequel In Search of the Titanic, Rachel's ultimate fate is unknown.


  • She was voiced by Italian voice actress and television writer Teresa Pascarelli.
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