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I'm going to kill everyone you love, and they'll blame you because nobody else can see me!
~ Rachel to Lisa.
Hey Lisa, let's gossip about boys! Isn't Milhouse so cute? Oh! Of course, he suffocated.
~ Rachel visiting Lisa in prison.
You tell me. I came from your brain, where your darkest thoughts live!
~ Rachel revealing herself to be the killer.

Rachel is Lisa Simpson's former imaginary friend and the main anatagonist in the Treehouse of Horror XXVII segment B.F.F. R.I.P. She goes on a manhunt to kill anyone Lisa is close to so that she can spend more time with her. She was voiced by Sarah Silverman.


When Lisa is playing hide and seek with her friend Janey Powell, Flanders' lawnmower turns on and runs her down, shocking Lisa. A funeral is held and Janey is buried. Sherri and Terri go up to Lisa. They say that now she has a dead friend she is cool and can be their friend. Lisa accepts, only for Sherri and Terri to be killed when a tombstone falls and crushes them. Another funeral is held and she is buried.

Lisa visits Ms. Mancuso-Gluckman, a counsellor. She thinks it would help Lisa to think of her as her best friend. However, an "It gets Better" painting drops on her neck and kills her. Another funeral is held and she is buried. Clancy Wiggum suspects Lisa for these murders and they take her to her room to search for evidence. A bottle of Schoolyard Superstar nailpolish is found, with Wiggum saying that it matched a similar substance that they found on Flanders' lawnmower and the "It Gets Better" painting. Lisa is shocked saying that she only used that when she played with Rachel. Rachel was Lisa's childhood imaginary friend, because Lisa didn't have any of her own at that time. In time, Lisa outgrew Rachel, shut her out and never used the nailpolish again. Chief Wiggum places her on watch.

Lisa gets on the bus for school but people refuse to sit next to her, believing she is a killer. Milhouse doesn't believe this and Lisa is allowed to sit next to him. Rachel appears, killing Milhouse by suffocating him with double-wrapped plastic. Lisa asks her why she killed him. Rachel responds by saying she comes from the part of her brain containing her darkest thoughts. After Milhouse's murder, Lisa is arrested by the cops.

Rachel visits Lisa in prison. After hearing that Lisa's mom, Marge was right that Lisa did not need Rachel anymore, Rachel goes to kill Marge. Bart (Lisa's older brother) breaks Lisa out of prison. Rachel arrives at the Simpsons house. She prepares to kill Marge by throwing a knife at her, but Lisa's cat Snowball V sacrifices herself and intercepts the knife. Rachel tries again with a hot iron, but Lisa arroves and saves Marge. Lisa asks why a real person can't love her as much as Rachel does. Rachel tells her her plan to kill everyone Lisa loves and place the blames on Lisa. Rachel attempts to kill Lisa's father, Homer but he calls on his childhood imaginary friend, Sergeant Sausage to save him. Sergeant Sausage tells Rachel that Lisa would eventually forget about her. Ths is because kids mature to the point at which they no longer need imaginary friends. Rachel dismisses Sgt. Sausage, saying she doesn't take orders from a hot-dog and throws him into a microwave. She sets the timer for an hour and Sargeant Sausage is killed.

Rachel tries to kill Marge one last/one more time with a bladed tool, but Lisa stops her, saying that she has more power than she will ever have and proceeds to turn Rachel into her own mother. Rachel tells Lisa that she is the truest friend she will ever have. Lisa retorts, stating that she will have friends in college, whilst Rachel will be married to a dentist. Rachel laughs, knowing that Homer will never pay for Lisa's college funds, but she soon starts to disappear, showing that Lisa has now forgotten all about her.


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