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Villain Overview
You motherf**kers invite non-Nintendo characters onto MY track!?
~ Racist Mario states how angry he is as he suffers his breakdown.
You're not Nintendo! You're... You're Pretend-o! You're all... race-traitors!!!
~ Racist Mario criticizes the third party guests.
Luigi! I'm coming for you, n---a!
~ Mario chases after Luigi when he uses a bullet bill.

Racist Mario is the titular villain protagonist of the 2014 hyper-violent YouTube film of the same name. In the video, he is what Mario transforms into when he finds that third-party characters enter the Mario Kart tournament.

He is a prime example of a "troll humor" villain designed to be over-the-top in every aspect of his character, providing a gory spectacle that some find hilarious and others shocking. Mario appears to take everything too seriously and is shown to be very harsh and obnoxious to other Nintendo characters, and non-Nintendo characters in the race, especially Princess Peach.



Racist Mario is extremely vengeful, crude, psychotic, foul-mouthed and argumentative. He is portrayed as a homicidal and violent individual who likes to murder other racers in a brutal way during a Mario Kart-style tournament.

He is shown to be extremely vituperative and scornful, so he can make vulgar and opprobrious comments. He also has a fondness for using blasphemous and offensive language. It is implied that Racist Mario is psychologically abusive to Peach.

Racist Mario also seems to be unable to remember that his old self even had a brother, as proven when Luigi tried to reason with him during his encounter with the new monster. This is also a sign that Racist Mario has contracted amnesia from his madness.

He is also hyper-ignorant, as seen when he bombs Knuckles instead of accepting that they are on multi-platform.


At first glance, Racist Mario looks the same as the normal Mario does. He has a red cap, a red shirt, blue overalls, brown shoes, and a bushy moustache. He also drives the Standard Kart from Mario Kart DS.


The context of the movie is that Mario goes completely insane and brutally murders the other racers in a Mario Kart-style tournament, apparently enraged at the inclusion of non-Nintendo characters in the race (which should have been no problem).

Mario starts by killing the non-Nintendo characters such as Anakin Skywalker (from Pod Racers) and Knuckles, then goes on to brutally kill Yoshi (by smashing an item box on him), Donkey Kong (by piercing him with a banana), and Sonic (by strangling him). He even goes as far as to kill his own brother Luigi in his psychotic spree. Luigi tries his best to reason with him, saying that they are brothers, only for Mario to state "I have no brother" - only for Kratos to kill Luigi instead; as the demigod makes his way onto the track and pursues Mario in an absurd death-race style fight.

It is most likely that Mario killed Crash Bandicoot because he throws the latter's head to Kratos saying "You PlayStation characters never learn!". However, it may be a discarded piece.

Mario tries to kill Kratos with an Uzi Submachine gun but fails, so he resorts to tearing off Toad's head and using it as a "mushroom" to grow into a gargantuan form which he tries to use to kill Kratos with his fireballs - however, Kratos uses quick-time events to overpower the Mega Mario and slays him. At the end of the video, Kratos departs with Mario's head (along with Pac-Man) impaled on a stake with Peach and Daisy as his "prizes".

List of Villainous Acts

  • Abusing Peach (implied).
  • Killing Everyone Everything Characters Enemies (implied).
  • Blowing up Knuckles using a Bob-omb.
  • Burning Anakin to death with a fire flower.
  • Smashing an item box on Yoshi's head.
  • Piercing Donkey Kong with a banana.
  • Driving over Sackboy using a bullet bill.
  • Violently torturing Sonic, possibly to his death.
  • Attempting to murder his brother Luigi.
  • Killing and beheading Crash (implied).
  • Shooting Kratos with a machine gun. However, Kratos survives.
  • Ripping off and eating Toad's head.

Powers and Abilities

Mario can throw dangerous fireballs capable of burning people to death. He showed enough strength choke, seriously hurting and throw Sonic off the track. He can use various objects, such as a Bob-Omb or use the Toad head as a mushroom to grow to a giant size. Finally, he is a fast, tough and dangerous car racer.


Go back to your own console!
~ Mario criticizes Knuckles before blowing him up with a Bob-omb.
23 years of jumpin' on barrels! 23 **** YEARS!
~ Mario snaps while he kills Donkey Kong.
So, you like to go fast, huh?
~ Mario taunts Sonic before strangling him.
I have no brother!
~ Mario tauntingly denies his relationship to Luigi.
Holy s***! It's Kratos! F***-A YOU KRATOS!
~ Mario gives the middle finger to Kratos when the latter makes his entrance.
You PlayStation characters never learn!
~ Racist Mario throws Crash's head at Kratos.
Suck my mushroom-tip! You f***ing son of a b*tch!
~ Mario trying to kill Kratos with an Uzi SMG.
Nintendo power! Nintendo! Nintendo! Nintendo!
~ Mario increases his size with a mushroom to smash Kratos to bits. These are also Racist Mario's last words before Kratos murders him and takes his head.


  • The way Racist Mario reacted upon his discovery that third-party characters have arrived in Mario Kart may be a protest against third party characters in Mario Kart. It is also unusual, since third party characters have shown up in other Nintendo games. It also counts as a hyper-breakdown.
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