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Love? How foolish. You believe that I, Radiguet, possess such filthy emotion?
~ Radiguet as he murders Saki, the human woman who saved his life, also his most infamous line that defines the depth of his depravity.
No... I will not kill you. You are to live life as a human forever cowering in fear of my name!
~ Radiguet as he destroys Tranja's psyche.

Back Dimensional Count Radiguet, simply known as Radiguet, is the main antagonist of Choujin Sentai Jetman. He is one of the generals of the otherworldly chaotic group of Dimensional War Party Vyram, hellbent to conquer Earth as with many worlds in the Back Dimension and.

He was portrayed by the late Masaki Tachi.


Radiguet is defined by his grandiose sense of self-worth, fantasies of godhood, and treacherous nature who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal to rule all of existence. He considers both Juuza and Tranza beneath him, and going as far as to form an alliance with the Jetmen to remove the two villains out of the equation, merely for his own benefit as he plays on both sides of the conflict in order to further his ambitions.

Radiguet also utterly intentionally devoids himself of everything that resembles love and compassion, with one disturbing aspect of his heartlessness is by responding to murderous intent at the slightest act of kindness.

This was best shown when after an amnesiac Radiguet recovers his memories, he murdered the girl who nursed him back to health while he lost his memories out of disgust that she felt he could live a peaceful life.

And finally, his killing of Maria in an act of spite towards Tendo before she could return to the side of good pushed Tendo to the edge. All these traits made Radiguet as one of the vilest villains of the entire Super Sentai franchise as a whole.


Radiguet as Raguem.

Originally, Radiguet was a servant of Vyram's leader Juuza until her disappearance during their conquest of the Back Dimension left a power vacuum.

Being the first of Vyram to declare the group's intention for the invasion of Earth, Radiguet he demanded subjugation and decimated the Skyforce base in space.

Indirectly spreading the Birdonic Aura to Earth where four unassuming civilians became members of the Jetman team. In the process, an officer by the name Rie Aoi was sucked out of the space with Radiguet saving her life to convert her into one of Vyram's elites: Maria.

Shortly after, the invasion of Earth began, the Vyram received resistance in form of the Super Sentai team known as Choujin Sentai Jetman. After recognizing the resistance, Radiguet made a bet with his fellow elites Tran, Grey, and Maria: Whoever defeats the Jetmen first will become the new leader of Vyram.

When Juza returned to power, motivated by his pride, Radiguet attempts to kill her and ends being punished for his treachery by living as a human with no memory of his life in Vyram. Radiguet was saved by Saki, an ill girl on the verge of death, Radiguet unconsciously cures and saves her life with his powers.

But though he wanted nothing to do with his past, Radiguet eventually regains his memories and helps the Jetmen in fighting Juuza. After killing Juuza, Radiguet was confronted by Saki, who begged him to return a normal life with her, pointing out that his time with her showed he is capable of kindness and love. But Radiguet kills her without a second thought to snuff out any potential humanity within himself, before taking the Semimaru egg on Juza's person and nurtured it to fight the Jetman before it was destroyed by Jet Garuda.

However, when a fed-up Tran matures into Tranza, Radiguet is forced to acknowledge him as their leader for the moment while sabotaging his Veronica robot. However, found out hooked up to have his life force sucked out, Radiguet drains Veronica's power. Later, after using the Jetmen to do his dirty work, Radiquet tortures Tranza before breaking his mind and leaving him powerless, becoming Vyram's leader. Ultimately, the side effects of his power boost manifest in his newly gained giant form, the armored Raguem.

It was after Maria fully regained her memories as Rie, Radiguet killed her so Ryuu cannot have her back. Soon after, Radiguet challenges furious Red Hawk to a final battle. However, his friends snapped him out of it and with a goal of protecting the people instead of revenge, Ryuu led the Jetman team to defeat Radiguet as he reveals Raguem form to overpower Great Icarus.

When Tetra Boy exposes the weak point Rie made on Radiguet, attempted to assimilate the Vylock into armor before Jet Garuda rips the armor off and sacrifices itself so Great Icarus can destroy Raguem as he tells the Jetman that he will have revenge on them even beyond death.

In the non-canon manga, Radiguet's spirit existed long enough to eventually possess Tranza's vegetative body and resumed his reign of terror, this time focusing more on the vengeance on the Jetman. He also possessed the daughter of Ryuu and Kaori Rokumeikan/White Swan to terrorize them, and when that failed, he possessed the replacement of the deceased Gai Yuuki/Black Condor, the rock star Jeffrey Kensaki/Green Eagle.

However, Jeffrey mustered enough willpower to banish Radiguet from his body. Before he could possess another body, Radiguet's spirit was stopped by Tranza's spirit, who drags him to Hell and destroys him forever.


  • Masaki Tachi felt great discomfort when he had to act Radiguet murdering Saki.
  • Up until Radiguet, Sentai series followed cliche of villains either redeeming or falling in love with their saviors. Radiguet broke that cliche.


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