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UNSA forces aboard my ship, this is Captain Barkov. Yield or the personnel will die.
~ Barkov to the UNSA strike team.

Captain Lieutenant Radoslav Barkov is a minor antagonist in the 2016 video game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He is an SDF member and the captain of the SDF Galaxius who is responsible for the abduction of UNSA personnel.


SDF Career

Captain Lieutenant Radoslav Barkov was a die-hard SDF member who fought in the Secession Wars, a series of wars waged by SDF leaders Salen Kotch and Caleb Thies to break away from Earth. After the SDF finally defeated the Earth forces, Barkov was put in charge of the Dire Brigade, an infamous group made up of the most sick, evil, depraved, vicious criminals of the SDF.

Operation Taken Dagger

During the war against the UNSA, Barkov abducts several UNSA scientists and steals a powerful weapon from the UNSA, keeping both on board the Galaxius. As a result, Captain Nick Reyes of the UNSA Retribution launches Operation Taken Dagger to assault the Galaxius and regain the weapon. After Barkov's forces fail to repel Reye's strike team, Barkov and his men take the hostages down to the hold and accesses the ship's terminal after Reyes enters the bridge, showing him footage of him and his men standing over the hostages, who have been forced onto their knees with their heads bagged, threatening to execute them if Reyes doesn't surrender. However, this prompts Reyes and his strike team to storm the Galaxius' s hold, resulting in Barkov, his guards and one of the hostages being killed in the crossfire.


  • His card on the Most Wanted Board is the Queen of Clubs.
  • He is based on Oskar Dirlewanger.
  • It is possible for Barkov to survive the events of the game, as Operation Taken Dagger is an optional mission, so the player can simply choose not play the mission, allowing him to live.

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