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Gaming nf drake
Take a look at your precious planet, Bond, it may be the last you will ever see of Earth.
~ Raphael Drake
Use the helipad, and take care of the body!
~ Drake ordering Dominique's death
My loyal associates. Before we cross into the void of space, it's time to unveil the final stages of Operation: Nightfire, the utter transformation of the planet you'll soon view from your shuttle windows. The communists, socialists and facists were pre-destined to fail at their efforts of globalization. The answer is sublimely simple, a corporate takeover by Phoenix International, on a worldwide scale. No more national boundaries, but continent-wide regions of agriculture, technology, energy production and research. Quarrelling governments will be replaced by a single board of directors. Of course, our new order will be resisted, but we have the ultimate leverage. The nuclear missiles mounted in our island grottos, controlled from an unassailable command center, the U.S. space defense platform. Unfortunately, our security has been temporarily breached. Therefore I have advanced our launch schedule. All flight crews are to board their shuttles at once and prepare for liftoff. Operation: Nightfire has begun.
~ Rafael Drake's speech.

Rafael Drake is the main antagonist in James Bond: Nightfire. He is seen as a secret type of person and was kind to other people. However he was hiding the fact that his business Phoenix Industries was a company that was going to use missiles to target planet Earth for world domination.

Bond first encounters Drake when he gatecrashes the party being held in an Alpine castle and meets him there. Drake seems innocent and friendly enough, but Bond has doubts. These doubts are confirmed when Drake is sighted by Bond holding a meeting with Mafia directors. Bond immediately knows Drake is up to something when he is alarmed of a treacherous act done by Mayhew, his deputy.

Drake had connections with the Mafia group the Yakuza and hired an assassin or ninja to kill Alexander Mayhew who betrayed him for potential death threats.

Bond breaks into Mayhew's organization as Mayhew instructed him to before death and steals some information about Operation Nightfire. Bond gives MI6 the information but is captured by Kiko, Mayhew's secretary, who betrays him and gives him to Drake. Drake then orders Dominique, a French intelligence agent, murdered for betraying information about Nightfire. Bond then vows vengeance and teams up with Australian Intelligence agent Alura McCall and breaks into Drake's Carribean base, and dismantles all of Drake's terrorist weaponry and technology. Drake launches himself on a shuttle to escape detection by MI6. Kiko tries to throw Bond into a furnace but Bond turns the tables and Kiko is killed when Bond escapes on a shuttle.

In space Drake confronts Bond and boasts about how he has the victory; but Bond disables all Drake's missiles causing them to crash into Drake's space station rather than Earth. Bond fights Drake's men and Drake himself appears when the final missile has crashed into his station. Drake says "Damn you, Bond!" and tries to mow Bond down with rockets, but Bond fires a laser at him, killing him. Drake then goes spinning into space, dead, and Bond escapes on a booster.



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Gaming nf drake
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