Gaming nf drake

Goal:Villain intent on World Domination

Take a look at your precious planet, Bond, it may be the last you will ever see of Earth.
~ Raphael Drake
Use the helipad, and take care of the body!
~ Drake ordering Dominique's death

Raphael Drake is the main villain in the 007 game Nightfire. He is seen as a secret type of person and was kind to other people. However he was hiding the fact that his business Phoenix Industries was a company that was gonna use missiles to target planet Earth for world domination. Bond defeated him on his base in outer space. When Bond sabotaged the missile systems with a laser cannon, the base went haywire. When the area Drake was hiding or standing in was detonated Bond pushed him out into outerspace. After that he was never heard from again. Drake had connections with the Mafia group the Yakuza and hired an assassin or ninja to kill Alexander Mayhew who betrayed him for potential death threats.

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