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Rafael Guzman is a one-time villain from the Rooster Teeth animated web series, Camp Camp, only appearing in the episode "Cooking Cookies". He is the leader of a Mexican drug cartel in Cabo San Lucas.

He was voiced by Eddy Rivas.


In "Cooking Cookies", The Flower Scouts, with the help of Dirty Kevin started a wildly successful business off of selling Flower Scout cookies that were sprinkled with cocaine and laced with crystal meth. Before long, the Flower Scouts became a notorious drug company that completely dominated the town of Sleepy Peak. When word got out about how much money they were making, Rafael Guzman overheard this and was enraged to know that another drug cartel was selling drugs on his turf. He demanded to see the Flower Scouts in person so he could tell them off. When Dirty Kevin heard that he was on their case, he chickened out and fled the business, taking all of his earnings with him, leaving the three little girls to take him on, themselves. When The Flower Scouts went into his office, they quickly established their dominance over him by throwing paper pinwheels at the bodyguards, immediately killing them on contact. Sasha whipped out a revolver and held Rafael at gunpoint, demanding that he mind his own business. Rafael started fearing them and swore that he would leave them alone. The Flower Scouts were still not happy and Sasha demanded that he give them all their money. Rafael fearfully complied and gave The Flower Scouts all of his money. This was more than enough money for the Flower Scouts to win their trip to Cabo. When Sasha announced what she was going to do with the money, Rafael informed her that she was already in Cabo and taught her what "Cabo" was. When The Flower Scouts learned that Cabo was a shitty Mexican city, as opposed to the tropical paradise they initially expected, they were furiously disappointed and realized that all of the work they did to win this vacation was for naught. They madly exited the building with all of their earnings, leaving Rafael dishonored and penniless.


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