You little bugger. You're lucky you didn't have me to deal with.
~ Rafe Bentley, to Ozzy Paxton

Rafe Bentley

Rafe Bentley is the main antagonist of the 1997 comedy/action film Masterminds.

He is played by Patrick Stewart, who also played Locutus in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dr. Jonas in Conspiracy Theory, Pharaoh Seti I in The Prince of Egypt, Zobek in the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games, John Bosley in Charlie's Angels, Darcy Banker in Green Room and Avery Bullock in American Dad!.

Bentley is the head of security at Shady Glen, a private school. He first appears shortly after Claire Maloney, the school's headmistress, sends Ozzy Paxton out, at which point Maloney tells him that Ozzy, a former student, is the reason for the school's new security measures. Bentley dismisses Ozzy as a "little bugger" and remarks Ozzy is lucky he didn't have him to deal with. Ozzy walks off.

Bentley and Maloney head down to the security room and switch on the system, only to be confronted with footage of a racy television commercial (Ozzy's handiwork). A flustered Bentley manages to turn off the footage. Soon afterward, armed men arrive at the school, and Bentley holds Maloney at gunpoint, revealing his scheme to hold Shady Glen's students hostage in order to force their wealthy parents to pay him money.


Such a violent society you have in this country, Claire. Sad, really.
~ To Maloney, observing the damage caused by his men
I see the comedians are right on time!
~ As the police arrive on the scene
It's that damned kid!
~ Seeing Ozzy on security footage
You know, I'm not a violent man, but I really do think I'm gonna have to kill someone here.
~ To his henchmen, after Ozzy causes the sprinklers to go off and douse them
Oh, ho-ho, I'll be frying, Claire! Under the hot, tropical sun!
~ To Maloney, after one of his henchmen counts the money
Well, think about it. If we're smart enough to get all this cash, then we are SMART ENOUGH TO DISAPPEAR WITH IT!
~ To Maloney, after she declares he won't get away with his scheme
Yes, you did. Well, screw you too, Foster.
~ To Foster Delroy
You little shit!
~ To Ozzy, after he jumps into the room through the skylight
Well, if it isn't Dennis the Menace. Very nice!
~ After Ozzy crashes into the room
Ozzy, whenever you graduate, give me a call. I'll have a job for you.
~ To Ozzy, as he takes Ozzy's sister captive
~ After taking off his shirt to reveal a Manchester United t-shirt
Oh, sod it, take her!
~ Letting Ozzy take his stepsister before driving further down the tunnel
~ After driving out of a tunnel and into a sewage dump


  • Early in the film, Bentley tells Maloney, "Please, Claire, call me 'Rafe,'" to which Maloney quickly replies "Fine." This is a subtle reference to actor Ralph Fiennes, with whom Patrick Stewart (Bentley) would co-star in The Prince of Egypt.
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