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Raga Bol is an anthropomorphic rat and the main antagonist of the Redwall series book Loamhedge.


Raga Bol was the captain of a crew of murderous searats who took to land after their ship wrecked on the northeast coast of Mossflower. They ravaged the coast, and attacked an old badger and his young companion. Bol slew the old badger, and wounded the younger one with a slash across the head. However, Raga Bol was injured on his left front paw by the badger, and it had to be amputated, where in its place he wielded a deadly hook.

The searats then went south, but all the while Bol became paranoid, thinking the the badger he wounded was still following him. In truth, the badger, whose name was Lonna Bowstripe, had survived with help from some sea otters, and was indeed following the searats.

Raga Bol soon came upon Redwall Abbey, where a small band of vermin, lead by a runty fox named Badredd, were trying to invade it. Bol took over the band as well as their position, which was within the Abbey walls, and started a war on the Redwallers. Lonna Bowstripe however, had followed him there, and he started picking off Raga's rats one by one with his huge bow and arrows. Lonna eventually got inside the Abbey, and in the final battle, attacked Raga Bol unarmed. The searat was crushed by Lonna's powerful grip and used as a club to batter at his own crew. As if this wasn't enough, he was impaled on several of his own crew's spears, which finished him off for good. Lonna then took to killing every one of Bol's evil crew, down to the last rat.

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