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Ragnarok is a minor antagonist in the Ben 10 series, serving as the main antagonist in the Season 3 episode, "Vendetta". He is a dangerous criminal who absorbs sun and star energy to destroy solar systems and sold off the energy for profit, he was highly personal to Kevin Levin for killing his father Devin. However, it was revealed in Omniverse that Ragnarok was a member of the Rooters who conspired with the false memories implanted to Max and Kevin to keep check on them.

He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


Ragnarok is rather sadistic and greedy given his past experiences and origins, he could care less about the millions of lives endangered and taken due to his actions and lacked remorse for it. He is also seen as rather skilled in combat and highly intelligent when it comes to his ship's functions.

While seeming aware of the false memory implanted to Max, Ragnarok is seen to take pleasant joy into taunting Kevin sadistically, even though he didn't really kill his father nor did he exist, other than that, he only does this to get to the boy's nerve.


While most of his origin is never explained, though it was stated he already begun his spree of using his ship to absorb tons of energy from stars and suns from different solar systems, destroying them alongside their planets without care as he sold most of the energy absorbed for profitable gain, deeming him rather dangerous to his criminal status.

He was already a member to the Rooters in which he was conspired with the false memory implant to Max Tennyson, presumably during their encounter. According to the false memory, Max and his supposed partner Devin Levin stole the key to Ragnarok's ship before he came in to attack them, upon being overwhelmed for long Ragnarok had the upper hand as he had Devin surrender the key or Max pays the price, as a result, Devin declined, much to Ragnarok's attempt to kill Max before having to sacrifice himself as Max sends him to the Null Void, taken in custody. It would be clear that Devin doesn't exist but the encounter between Max and Ragnarok might turn out differently.

Ragnarok would then escape the Null Void Prison years later, he began his search for the missing key to his ship. On the way, he would ransacked Kevin's house in search for the key and then onward to another area before having to encounter and fight Kevin, just before he could kill him, Ben and Gwen arrived to fight alongside the latter, only for Ragnarok to declare being a waste of time as he teleports away.

Just when the trio began searching within Kevin's house one last time, Ragnarok now takes hold of the key to his ship from a frame photo of Kevin and his "father", placing it to his forehead as he taunts Kevin about destroying this Earth's solar system.

As Ragnarok was about to activate and start the ship's absorption to the sun's energy, he and Kevin end up fighting during their last confrontation before Kevin ends up breaking his ship's functions, disabling the balance as it backfires to the ship's atmosphere on the screen destroyed. Ragnarok cowardly pleaded Kevin to save him, just as he did, only to tip his forehead and let him go to avenge his "father", ending Ragnarok for good.

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