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Rago is the main antagonist of Beyblade: Metal Fury. The child of Nemesis, he is responsible for the near world-ending Nemesis Crisis. He wanted to use Nemsis to bring a new Darkness onto the world, and is also the second person to beat Ryuga.


Rago first appears after Doji frees him along with Cycnus, Keyser and Herschel from a temple. Rago proves he is the child of Nemesis by controlling proto Nemesis power. Gingka and the other legendary bladers later arrived fighting in battles that caused Nemesis to gain more power. Rago then battled Ginka, Kyoya, and Chris when they started to interfere with Ryuga also joined the fight. Ryuga tried to attack Nemsis on his own which led to L-Dragos power being stolen and Nemsis evolving. Rago orders Johaness. Cycnus, Keyser and Herschel to stop Ginka from reaching his island. which they fail to do. He pluto and Doji uncovers the city of King Hades, the only place where they can set Nemesis powers free. After a small battle between Ryuga, who wants Nemesis' power for himself and Rago, they kill Ryuga but are interrupted by the other bladers. Because Ryuga gives all his powers to Kenta, the ten bladers got all power they need to create Zeus' barrier. This causes an eart quake which kills Pluto and Rago. However, Nemesis got free at last because a piece of Pluto's bey caused a whole in Zeus' barrier. All they legendary bladers are beaten leaving it all up to Ginka to win. Ginga finally defeats Nemesis after all bladers over the world gave him their power. With all the power, Ginga shoots a whole into the god of destruction, who finally falls into darkness and dies.


Rago was a very fierce, ruthless, sadistic, evil and cruel person. all he wanted was the world to be covered in Darkness and didn't care about killing to achive that goal. He was even willing to let Kenta a child die after he stood up to him.


  • Alongside Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, Chris, King and Ryuga, Rago is one of the strongest and most powerful bladers in the entire franchise. This is due to the fact that he almost singlehandedly destroyed the entire world as well as being able to beat Ryuga effortlessly. He also took the entire world's Blader Spirit to be defeated.
  • He is the most evil villain in the Beyblade franchise.
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