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Rahkshi of Heat Vision are the major antagonists that appeared in the BIONICLE series. They also served as the supporting antagonists in Reign of Shadows and Journey's End.

They are the breed of the Rahkshi who were created by Makuta Teridax, who used them as his army following his takeover of the Matoran Universe.


Reign of Shadows

Following his takeover of the Matoran Universe, Makuta Teridax captured the surviving Makuta and forced them to create new breed of Rahkshi, which were the Rahkshi of Heat Vision. He then have them eliminate the Makuta once their usefulnesses were outlived. He then enhanced the Rahkshi of Heat Vision's armors and used them as his army to enforce his rule.

They were later sent to Metru Nui in order to keep the Matoran in line. They also captured the Turaga there and imprisoned them in the Coliseum and became the enforcers when Ahkmou became the "Turaga". Teridax then have them besiege Artakha and had Nektann take command on them and led them into the battle in Metru Nui but the Toa Mahri and the League of Six Kingdoms repelled them.

Powers & Abilities

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