He treated us good, just like we were his own family. Even stupid me who couldn't die right.
~ Raiden about Kato

Raiden is a henchman of Masaji Kato in the video game Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Raiden is never far from his fellow Mutant Apes Ouka and Hien and lives to serve his master like all the Mutant Apes. Raiden was a member of the Japanese military injured in the Seraphic Radiance's rampage.


Raiden was badly injured but Kato saved him and got him medical attention. When the doctors said there was no hope and Raiden faced death Kato took Raiden to get experimental surgery and cybernetic implants that saved his life and completely restored him. Raiden was trained as part of the Japanese Military's new initiative called 'the Mutant Apes' which were to be made up of reanimated undead super soldiers. Though Kato was working on undoing death completely instead of just bringing people back from the brink of death Raiden and Hien were his first two soldiers revived and reassigned as Mutant Apes. When Kato's experiment payed off with the creation of Ouka, Raiden welcomed her into the Mutant Apes and became devoted to protecting his master's prized experiment.

Skills and Abilities

Like Oaka and Hien, Raiden is substantially tougher than most people, owed in part to his modifications and in part thanks to his high-grade armor, which s both light enough to allow free movement and tough enough to offer redistribution of the force of a high-impact grenade with relative ease. Raiden has several high-impact grenades himself. Raiden's unique skill among the three is that he can discharge electricity from his implants, damaging foes with ranged shocks.


Like all the Mutant Apes, Raiden is extremely loyal to Kato, above his own life. Raiden was the most cyberneticly enhanced of the three due to how injured he was at the time Kato selected him for the program; As such Raiden considers himself to owe Kato a life-dept, one he will gladly repay at any time. Raiden is the most amenable of the three Mutant apes, introducing himself candidly to Ouka and hoping they grow not only to be reliable partners but good friends.


  • Raiden's code-name is of the Japanese fighter jet, which itself is named after the Shintoist god of lightning.
  • Both Raiden and Hien are named after Japanese fighter jets.


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