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I will fall into the darkness, and in exchange I will return you to the light...
~ Raiden Mei
You reached out your hand to me on that day. You changed my destiny the moment we touched. You're the most important person in my life. If rescuing you is a sin, I'll gladly be a sinner.
~ Raiden Mei
Lightning tore our past asunder,

and our paths were rent and split.
Once the thunders lose voice, and the storms are wept dry,
I’ll enter the darkness and return you to bliss.

~ Lament of the Fallen

Raiden Mei is a major prominent character from the Honkaiverse, serving as a playable protagonist-turned major antagonist in Honkai Impact 3rd.

The daughter of Massive Electric Corp (ME Corp) CEO, Raiden Ryoma, Raiden Mei is the Current Era's 3rd Herrscher, known as the Herrscher of Thunder. She is responsible for the titular 3rd Honkai Eruption which originated from Nagazora. After experiencing numerous tragedies as she progress in finding her only lost dear friend, she had to awaken as the 3rd Herrscher in order to keep her safe. She serve as a deuteragonist for most of the game and accompanying manga's story, the main antagonist of "Escape from Nagazora" manga, and an anti-villainous antagonist from Chapter XVII and onwards.

Raiden Mei was voiced by Juhuahua in the Chinese version and by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version, the latter whom also voiced Mosquito Girl from One-Punch Man, Slan from Berserk, Kirari Momobami from Kakegurui, and Charlotte Pudding from One Piece. Both voice actresses are also well-known for voicing the Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact which was inspired by Raiden Mei's characterization.


In most of her appearances, Raiden Mei is usually depicted as a tall young woman with purple eyes and very long hair with bangs. Depending on her battlesuit, her hair is either having braids or a ponytail.

  • Crimson Impulse: Mei wears a pink and black suit, black thigh highs and pink shoes.
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike: Mei wears a red and black dress with a brown top, red sleeves, black gloves, yellow, black and red thigh highs and black and red shoes.
  • Striker Fulminata: Mei wears a white and blue hoodie, black gloves, black thigh highs and black shoes.
  • Shadow Dash: Mei wears a black and red suit, a black and red cape, and red and black boots.
  • Lightning Empress: Mei wears a black and purple demon-like mask above her face, a black and purple suit with a ripped school uniform inside, and black thigh highs and boots.

As the Herrscher of Thunder, she now has two long oni horns and reddish eyes. Clad in a red armor, Raiden Mei also dons a red, white, and black dress along with a white thigh-highs and heels. It should be noted that her heels give her significant height increase.

In A Post-Honkai Odyssey, Mei has long hair and bright purple to light blue eyes, and wears a white and black suit with a white, blue, purple and pink feather on it, blue-purple gloves, translucent tights and black shoes.


She is rather a kind and helpful girl, encouraging her classmates to improve such as the likes of Kiana. She is also well-known for her phenomenal cooking skills. However, her family's tragedy have left a great impact upon her, giving her in a state of loneliness.

As the Herrscher of Thunder, Mei shows signs of arrogance and egotism. Like most of the Herrschers, she looks down upon mortal humans, and even sees her mortal guise as a weakness. Despite this, she has shown a keen interest to Kiana Kaslana, who has shown multiple times to be the only person capable of approaching her in spite of her lonely background and hatred upon humans. As such, she gradually slowly accepts her human guise as Mei and turned down every perfect opportunity in attempting to kill Kiana. Not only she grew colder and misanthropic, but she also enjoyed pain inflicted on others and herself.

In-Game Information

HoT Dorm

Background Information
  • Date of Birth: April 13th
  • Gender: Female
  • Organization: World Serpent
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Birthplace: Far East
Battlesuit Details 1

Raiden Mei absorbed all residual Honkai energy in Nagazora and awakened by her own will as the Herrscher of Thunder. The awe-inspiring look speaks of her immense power and the whole world trembles in her presence.

Battlesuit Details 2

In World Serpent, Mei has put a face of indifference and apathy. She's frozen her heart and cloaked herself with solitude. The dark world sees her as an outlier. But there are still people who know her past and quietly walk away when she drowns herself in sorrow.

Battlesuit Details 3

She broke with her past the day when thunders fell over Nagazora. Everything she once cherished was washed away in the dark storm. When the white-haired girl woke up, the storm had died down and the warm sunshine gently blanketed her, but the thunders - the rumbling thunders in her faint memory - was long gone.


Mei's Thunder Soul emblem.


On April 13th, 1997, Raiden Ryoma and his wife gave birth to Mei in Nagazora City (Honshu, Japan). A few years later, her mother died of cancer. The year she died is not specified. Later, her stigmata awoke, and Ryoma sealed it as best he could. Some terrorist organization kidnapped her in 2004, and it isn't clear how Ryoma got her back.

Mei underwent 3 years of therapy afterwards.

Otherwise, Mei lived a cushy life. Servants would prepare her lunches, everyone showered her in attention, and even with her father often gone for business, she had kendo lessons with Mr. HOMU (who was actually her father) to keep her busy. Life was beautiful. Then, all of a sudden, everything changed. Her father was falsely accused of embezzling funds by Cocolia, and was put in prison in 2013. Ryoma had told her a strong heart is what will get you through battle. She thought her heart was the strongest, but when everything collapsed before her very eyes, she knew she was wrong. The ME Corp assets were frozen, and she no longer had servants to help her get by. This is when Cocolia took over the corporation herself.

At first, Mei's cooking was awful, as she had never cooked a meal in her life. This time, when she asked her classmates to sit with her, they rejected her. No one wanted to hang out with a "criminal's daughter" after all. She realized that because she was no longer an heiress, no one cared about her. All their enthusiasm was for their own benefit. Mei found the Mr. HOMU costume in the training room, and realized her father had been training her all along. Alone, she could not handle the hatred threatening to engulf her. Then, Kiana Kaslana came into her life. Despite Mei being cautious towards this underclassman, Kiana managed to worm her way into her heart. She defended Mei from bullies, ate lunch with her, and gave her more than she had ever experienced before. Mei finally found a real friend. Kiana's enthusiasm for Mei's homemade lunch started a long love for cooking. Mei realized cooking was no longer simply to survive. Kiana told her it didn't matter what her father may or may not have done. She was Mei, and only Mei. The two found solace in each other.

They lived peacefully until the Gem of Conquest was stimulated in Nagazora in 2014. This gem awoke the hidden powers in Mei's stigmata long sealed away. The burst of Honkai energy that arose from her eruption turned almost every citizen into zombies. Kiana was not affected by the Honkai poisoning that plagued everyone else. At that point, another personality took control over Mei: one that hated humanity, and that was much more violent than the mellow friend Kiana had made. Even so, Kiana did not waver, and beat the personality back, allowing Mei to come to her senses. When Mei awoke, she looked on in horror at what she had done, and tried to jump off of the very roof the battle took place. Kiana reached out her hand and told her not to give up. Even after Mei exhausted all of the worries she had, Kiana still urged her to take her hand. Mei took it, and thus her fate was changed.

There is another version of her awakening that Mihoyo has told. Everything is the same except Mei chooses to ascend as the 3rd Herrscher in an act of revenge against all those who harmed her. In this version, Kiana meets Mei as the Herrscher personality. Even though this personality has many chances to kill Kiana, she doesn't. Kiana is still as stubborn as before, and keeps insisting she will save Mei from herself. Eventually, the Herrscher personality grows scared of her kindness and decides to end her life. Kiana reaches out for the Herrscher, and she accepts her defeat. Mei awakens, and begs Kiana to let go, but Kiana refuses. Just like the other version, Mei ends up taking her hand.

The two headed off to explore the city and find a way to survive. During this time, Mei still had doubts welling up within her, and told Kiana to leave her behind. Kiana refused, and promised Mei if she ever lost herself to that personality again, she would beat her as many times as it takes. Mei called her an idiot, but she was comforted by those words. Soon they met Bronya Zaychik, and the three kept wandering until a few months later.

Honkai Impact 3rd

The girls were on a mission to investigate and find the control room of a battleship named Selene that was flying over a big city. Shortly after Kiana and Mei met up on the aircraft, a Honkai beast Kiana thought she had defeated came back to fight. Kiana was injured, and Mei held off the beast with her sword. Desperate to save Kiana and herself, she let her other personality take over.

The stress on her body was too much, and she collapsed soon after.

Mei, Kiana, and Bronya headed to the first destination on their list: New Zealand, where the Gem of Desire was located. As it turns out, they met a girl named Wendy, who had the gem implanted in one of her legs in a similar fashion to Mei's own implant. The only difference is that the Honkai energy left her unable to walk, and that caused her to hate Schicksal, thus leading to her awakening as the Herrscher of Wind. The girls tried their best to fight her off, but during the battle, Anti Entropy titans (sent by Cocolia) came and subdued both Mei and Wendy. They took off with the two girls, Bronya assisting them (not by her own will).

Mei was kept hostage in the ME Corp, and is saved by Bronya, who destroyed the bio chip in her brain to stop following Cocolia's orders. When she wakes up, she was shocked to find Bronya in critical condition, and fights off the MSR-7 Wotan with Kiana, Theresa Apocalypse, and Murata Himeko.

Mei mostly stayed by Bronya's side, watching over her recovery. She rested for a while, but was awoken to the news of Kiana's capture. Once Kiana was confirmed to be captured by Schicksal, she and the Hyperion crew defected from the organization. The bomb was disabled per her request. She was exhausted, but remarked that she could only think of Kiana as she fought her way through the Schicksal defenses. Mei tried to fight the Herrscher of the Void (HoV), but to no avail. HoV ripped the Conquest gem from her body and nearly killed her in the process.

Next, the crew of Hyperion, including the newly aligned Anti Entropy, set off for Arc City. There they were supposed to meet Grey Serpent, an intel dealer, for news of Kiana's whereabouts. Mei encountered Rita Rossweisse, who had taken out the dealer prior to their landing. She tried to fight her off, but had to run away, as she was too strong of an opponent. They couldn't find Kiana.

After the events in Arc City, Dr. Einstein and Dr. Nikola Tesla (Anti Entropy leaders) informed the group that there were two options to take. One was to continue searching for Kiana, and the other was to head to the Anti Entropy base in the Pacific Ocean to retrieve the Gem of Desire. They ended up deciding to do both. Despite Mei wanting to talk to Cocolia about her kidnappings, she decided she would rather go look for Kiana. Einstein, Theresa, and Bronya would go to the base, while Tesla and Mei headed to Anti Entropy headquarters to repair the Ningyo that they found in Arc City. After completing their first task, Mei and Tesla headed back to Arc City to look for Kiana.

Mei found Rita, who was gathering intel in Heliopolis. With her blade to Rita's neck, she demanded to know where Kiana was located. She also took back the eye Rita cut out of Gray Serpent. This would be useful for the Ningyo's reawakening. Once she got what she wanted, she immediately rushed to Kiana.

In the basement of Heliopolis, the two reunited. Mei rushed to embrace her, but Kiana's quiet resolve shook Mei to her core. Kiana explained that she didn't want to put anyone in danger, and that she would not be leaving with her. They headed outside, where Mei got injured by Raven. Mei watched as Kiana beat Raven, but spared her life. Then, she could only watch as Kiana defused the bomb and fell from the sky. Durandal, who had caught Kiana with the powers of the Sixth Divine Key (Abyss Flower), obliterated Mei in the fight for Kiana. She burst off into the distance and Mei chased her, but to no avail. Mei, exhausted and weak, could only cling to Kiana's jacket as she watched her be taken away. Feelings of uselessness swelled in her heart as she cried.

About three days after the incident, Mei and Tesla caught a strong Honkai signal from Nagazora. Believing it to be Kiana, they arrived as fast as they could. In the midst of their search for Kiana, they stumbled upon Sora, who led them to her home. There, Mei learned there were actually survivors in Nagazora, and that they had someone looking after them. Sora talked about that person's impact on her, and how she was given a reason to go on by her kindness. Mei reminisced in the past, opening up to Sora about Kiana's importance to her. Sora said it sounded like Kiana was like her own teacher was to her. That teacher ended up being Raven, who saved the two from Benares.

For Mei, the 4 months before she found Kiana had brought her to the realization that she hadn't changed. She was still the weak girl who couldn't do anything. She was the one who wasn't strong enough to protect her loved ones. After a confrontation with Raven, her Herrscher powers arose, despite not having the gem within her. Raven backed off, telling her to go get Kiana before she changed her mind. Mei finally found Kiana, but Honkai poisoning had worked its way all over her body: she was on the brink of death.

Tesla managed to successfully save her, but told Mei that Kiana only had two more months to live. Kiana's pain, and the revelation she was going to die, made Mei unable to sleep. She stayed awake until Kiana finally woke up. Mei pushed down her fears and walked into the medical bay, only to see Kiana looking up at her. Despite how happy she was to see her, Mei also scolded Kiana for running away and not even telling them where she was. Kiana tried to lighten up conversation with a compliment, but eventually apologized. Mei informed Kiana of everything that had happened these past 4 months. After a bit of chatting, Kiana said she wanted to go outside. Mei reluctantly accepted and let her go, but also made sure to come along. The two went for a walk around Nagazora, and chatted about their previous travelling through the city. They bickered back and forth, but eventually the mood became serious. Kiana told her that she was K-423, and Mei told her it didn't matter. No matter what, she and the others would stay by her side.

Afterwards, Tesla and Einstein told Mei what their thoughts were on the matter: as Kiana's problem is Sirin herself, they cannot do anything to cure or prevent her death. Basically, it would be up to Kiana alone. Einstein said for now, they wanted to move her to a base and prepare for the worst. Mei asked for elaboration, and Einstein did not answer, but the silence answered for her. They would have to kill Kiana if worst came to worst. Sora arrived right afterward, wanting to say goodbye to Mei, but Mei couldn't muster up the will to smile at her. Feeling bad, she walked Sora back to the Nest, where Raven said World Serpent had a way to cure Kiana's condition, and to come back alone in two hours if she was interested.

Later on, she overheard Tesla and Einstein talking to Kiana about her condition. Kiana expressed immense regret for the hurt she had caused everyone, but especially Mei. She said she took everything Mei had wanted away from her. She asked the doctors to not let her friends come near her if things went south, and that she didn't want to cause them any more grief. Mei could only shed a tear; Kiana had been putting on a mask for her.

Mei's despair swelled when Kiana lied to her about being able to taste the curry she made for her. The one she wanted to help would not even rely on her, so she took matters into her own hands. She met Raven at the Nest and then met Kevin Kaslana. He told her if she became the true Herrscher of Thunder, she would be able to give Kiana more time to live. He told her she would not lose herself this time. Kevin added that he has seen people like Kiana before, and that she would never stop trying to be a hero. He said the only true way to save her was by joining World Serpent and stopping the threats before Kiana could. Mei agreed to his offer.

A while later, she woke up in the streets and ran into Kiana, who was covered in wounds. Kiana told Mei to head back to Helios. She stated that she wanted to use her void powers to close the portal in the sky, and Mei tried to tell her off, but Kiana said she didn't care if she died. Mei looked on in horror as Kiana summoned Benares to fly to the source of the Honkai energy, with Mei left chasing her once again. After running wildly through the city, Mei stumbled upon a wounded Benares, with a sword impaling it. Nihilus, the creature that owned said sword, proceeded to fight her. Although it took forever to defeat, and Mei was heavily injured, she won against it. Suddenly, though, it turned back time and came back. It charged at Mei, and swung its sword down onto her. Benares took the blow, and died in the process. Mei fell unconscious.

This is when she entered a place familiar to her. A void with only purple light. She knew where she was. Her Herrscher personality was surprised Mei came to her first, and asked if she was sure she wanted to become the real Herrscher of Thunder. Mei was resolved. She would save Kiana. Thus, she took up her power alone: the Conquest gem leaving Kiana and transferring into her strength. She took the remains of Benares, creating a new life and renaming it Kurikara. Mei fought Kiana when she refused to let her go with Kevin. When Kiana began to use the powers that were killing her, Mei beat her down quickly. Mei explained it wasn't right for Kiana to suffer in silence, dying for her heroism. Kiana dismissed it, saying this was simply her mission. With an exclamation of her true feelings, Mei broke the lances surrounding her and chased after Kiana. She was quick enough to catch up to her this time. She defeated her and left with World Serpent.

Coral City & Ana Schariac


The Herrscher of Domination


Powers & Abilities

Raiden Mei have gain significant benefit due to her status as both a Schicksal Valkyrie and a Herrscher. Even without her Herrscher persona, Mei have proved herself to be a formidable opponent, she is able to fight such as the likes of more powerful opponents like Rita Rossweisse or Raven despite losing her Herrscher Gem.

  • Enhanced physiology: As a Valkyrie, their physiology have been heavily modified as part of their Valkyrie training. She is shown to be more powerful than an average human, possessing enhanced strength to slice a wooden bench in half, amazing durability to withstand a blow from a Honkai Beast before passing out, and nimble speed and reflexes to dodge a Zombie Ranger's arrows.
    • Enhanced strength
    • Enhanced durability
    • Enhanced speed & reflexes
    • Enhanced stamina
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Mei is a powerful combatant, having benefitted from her Valkyrie training.
    • Swordsmanship: Mei is particularly skilled at the use of swords, combined with her proficiency in combat and her enhanced attributes make her a quite formidable foe.
  • High intellect: Mei is shown to have an above-average intellect, as a result from her strict education in the family. As a result, she performs academically well in class and even helps Kiana to improve.
  • Cooking skills: One of her defining features, Mei is gifted at cooking to the point that even Valkyries from St. Freya engage in fight in whoever will get some of her delicious cakes.

She gain significant powers after transforming into the Herrscher of Thunder:

  • Nigh-omnipotence: Awakening as the 3rd Herrscher, Mei possessed unlimited powers derived from her core. Her vast powers allowed her to easily go on par with other known Herrschers such as Kiana Kaslana or Ana Schariac.
  • Superhuman strength: The Herrscher of Thunder boasts superhuman levels of strength, her slashes are capable of causing cracks from the ground, shatter the icicles that the Herrscher of Ice creates, destroying the Herrscher of the Void's lances or even deal a powerful blow on her, throwing her from a great distance.
  • Superhuman durability: Herrschers are naturally born with unparalleled durability, generally being unfazed by any conventional weaponry.
  • Superhuman speed & reflexes: The Herrscher of Thunder's reaction time and speed are far more augmented to the point that she can dash at lightning speed, dodge Kiana's barrage of attacks with relative ease, or even teleport from the sky within seconds.
  • Electrokinesis: As the 3rd Herrscher, she can summon powerful thunderstorms and imbue her blade with lightning. Her mount, Kurikara is also capable of projecting electrical beams and tornado made out of electric energy.
  • Flight: Despite the Herrscher of Thunder most of the time can use her mount to fly from greater heights, she also can levitate at will, not being bound by the laws of physics.
  • Kurikara: Her ULT allows her to summon Kurikara, a dragon beast created from the revived corpse of Benares. Kurikara possessed some of her abilities previously as Benares such as her immense strength. Although Kurikara is only capable of conjuring vast electrical powers.
  • Teleportation: The Herrscher of Thunder can blink through different places in an instant.





Raiden Shogun, who was loosely based on Raiden Mei.

  • On Houkai Gakuen, she was originally voiced by TetraCalyx and Chiwa Saitou.
  • As mentioned before, Beelzebul/Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact was loosely based from Raiden Mei, they both share numerous similarities to each other:
    • Both are deities associated with lightning and has the power of electricity (electrokinesis).
    • Both characters have similar physical appearances, having purple eyes and long purple hair.
    • Beelzebul's real name is Raiden Ei, which was directly taken from Raiden Mei.
    • Honkai Impact 3rd has a manga chapter known as "Wrath of Baal" which shows Raiden Mei's transformation as the 3rd Herrscher. In Genshin Impact, Baal (real name: Makoto) was the original Electro Archon and the current Electro Archon's twin sister.
    • Raiden Mei is the 3rd Herrscher, while the Raiden Shogun is the third among the Seven Archons to ever appear.
    • Both characters are also voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the JP version and by Juhuahua in the CN version.
  • They also have their own differences:
    • Raiden Ei is incapable of cooking both gameplay and lorewise, which is ironic as Raiden Mei is renown for her cooking skills in Honkaiverse.
    • Raiden Ei was initally introduced as the central antagonist of Archon Quest's Chapter II before redeeming herself at the end of Act III, while Raiden Mei was initially introduced as a protagonist and turning into a major villain as of Chapter XVII.
    • Raiden Ei had a twin sister who was originally the Electro Archon, while Raiden Mei doesn't.
  • Her family name Raiden (thunder and lightning) is also an another name for Raijin, the Shinto god of lightning and storms.

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