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Raiders are monsters that are transformed from humans and supporting antagonists in Kamen Rider Zero-One.

A human recruited by a mysterious figure to become a Raider is provided with a RaidRiser and a Progrise Key, which the person uses to transform into the associated Raider form.


The first victim to be a raider was a florist named Rentaro Tachibana while wearing the Zaia specs an unknown individual placed a Raidriser on him causing his feelings to manipulate to anger.

Rentaro then inserted a Progrise Key into the Riser transforming him into a Crushing Buffalo Raider.

The next victim to be a raider is a realtor named Tatsumi Arayashiki and just like the previous one he was ambushed by an unknown individual as it placed Raidriser on him causing his feelings to manipulate to sly and mischief.

Tatsumi then inserted a Progrise Key into the Riser transforming him into a Splashing Whale Raider.

The third victim is a corrupt detective named Masuji Narusawa and he posses a Raidriser and a Progrise Key and when its inserted to the Riser it will transform him into a Dynamiting Lion Raider.

The fourth victim is a childhood crush named Teruo Nikaido and he posses a Raidriser and a Progrise Key and due to his jealousy he then inserted it into the Riser transforming him into a Storming Penguin Raider.

The fifth victim is the chief of Zaia Enterprise's Research and Development department named Daiki Kyogoku who used a Raidriser and Progrisekey from his company to transform into the Scouting Panda Raider.

The sixth victim is actually Yua Yaiba aka Kamen Rider Valkyrie who used a Raidriser (instead of a A.I.M.S. Shotriser) and a Progrisekey to transform herself into a Fighting Jackal Raider.




  • The Raiders use Progrise Keys to transform, whereas the Magia use Zetsumerise Keys.


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