Okay, going with giant robots again? REAL original, guys. I am not impressed. I am not impressed.
~ Newton Geiszler about to fuse Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn into the Mega-Kaiju.

Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn, also known as Mega Kaiju in their combined form, are the major antagonists of the 2018 blockbuster Pacific Rim: Uprising. They are three kaiju that are designed to continue Precursors' invasion on Earth and components of Mega Kaiju formed with the aid of Newton Geiszler.


Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn are three kaiju who managed to cross over to Earth after Kaiju-Hybrid drones' destruction shutting down their artificial breaches which resulting their legion's deaths and loss of access for the planet. They soon arrived at the Mega Tokyo and headed for Mount Fuji at which they would jump into the dormant volcano in which they'll self destruct, blowing it up and activating the planet's ring of fire, causing the mass extinction and starting their creators' first step of terraforming. They soon meets an opposition from four Jaegers: Gipsy Avenger, Guardian Bravo, Saber Athena, and the three-pilot Bracer Phoenix.

The three kaijus soon fight the four Jaegers with Newt overseeing the battle. Despite the Kaijus' strengths, Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn gradually overpowered by combined might of the Jaegers, prompting the unimpressed Newton to combine the three kaijus with use of swarms of drones in his disposal into the Mega-Kaiju. Gaining an advantage, the three Kaijus' combined form easily destroyed their Jaeger opposition before setting their course back to Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, they made a mistake in leaving damaged Gipsy Avenger most functional, which then launched itself at it and fatally crashed on it, ripping the beast into half in a sonic boom. The injuries, coupled with subsequent blood loss, eventually killed the three kaijus while still combined.

Powers & Abilities

Individual Powers


Raijin has basic physical attributes to that of other Precursors' kaiju army. Its special quirk is the ability to absorb and store kinetic energy from its enemies' assaults through armor platings around its face, which then used to empower its attacks or releasing bluish shockwaves. The glow of the kaiju's phosphorescent blood in its veins shine brightly whenever it absorbs kinetic energy which then made its way to any of its energized body parts.


In addition of basic physical attributes to that of other Precursors' kaiju army, Shrikethorn has a special quirk to project spines on its tails as a long-range attack. It can also generate and manipulate plasma energy which typically channeled onto its spines to increase its firepower.


While having physical attributes to that of other Precursors' kaiju army, Hakuja seemed to have inferior quirks compared to that of Shrikethorn and Raijin. Other than armor-plated spiked tail and armored head optimized for burrowing and piercing through a Jaeger's armor, the kaiju possesses muscles enhanced by its molten blood.


As a combination of three kaijus, Mega-Kaiju inherits quirks of its kaiju components in addition of drastically enhanced physical attributes befitting to its size. It gains Raijin's kinetic energy manipulating ability and Shrikethorn's plasma-enhanced spines.



  • The three kaiju's combined form's name comes from Newton's tablet, flashing on it in the MegaTokyo sequence.
    • Steven S. DeKnight, the director of the film, claims that the Mega-Kaiju is the bigger beast opposed to Slattern.