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The unnamed Rainbow Factory shareholders are the two main antagonists in the The Amazing World of Gumball episode The Factory.


The shareholders are two anthromorphic piggy banks with business suits.


The two Fainbow Factory shareholders first appear when Nicole (and unknowingly Gumball and Darwin, who secretly hid in her suitcase) arrive to work. They discuss with Nicole about shutting down the Rainbow Factory for good. Nicole orders Gumball and Darwin to stay in a spot so she can resume her conversation with the two sleazy shareholders.

Gumball and Darwin sneak into the workers area, only to find unhappy workers complaining and hallucinating about magical elves in the form of a song. While the shareholders are still talking to Nicole, she notices Gumball and Darwin in the glass window. They press a red button, despite Nicole mouthing them not to press, and the alarm goes off. The shareholders and Nicole, Gumball and Darwin rush off to shut down the button. Due to a gas leak, everyone hallucinates, but Gumball manages to press the button with his tongue, and rainbows went shooting out the pipes. After the shareholders' plans to shut down the factory were foiled, they were dismissed by Nicole while the employees cheered for Gumball and Darwin for their good deeds.



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