Rainbow Glitz

This undead queen of pop choreographs a full spectrum of melodic menace! Her songs will be stuck on your head, but your brains won't be!
~ Rainbow Glitz's description

Rainbow Glitz is one of the secondary antagonists of the tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies 3. She is a musical member of the Brainiacs, who is in charge of a horde of dancing zombies.


Rainbow Glitz interrupted the plants, Crazy Dave, Penny, and the players while they were exploring the Devour Tower by challenging them for a dance-off. The plants attempted to make a comeback, but all those efforts only led her to insult them.

Later, the plants found their way to out move Rainbow Glitz's dance moves. Then she later explained the origin of the Brainiacs, who were created by the use of Brain Food.


Rainbow Glitz moves around on the stage to avoid attack from plants, summons zombies, and strikes plants with her stars.


Rainbow Glitz's minions consist zombies of stage play:

  • Popstar Zombie: This zombie shoots stars in 5 directions.
    • Mega-Popstar Zombie: The mega minion counterpart of Popstar Zombie that fires 12 stars around her.
  • Glitter Zombie: This zombie creates a rainbow trail that makes zombies behind her immune to all attacks.
    • Mega-Glitter Zombie: The mega minion counterpart of Glitter Zombie that shields zombies in three lanes.
  • Keytar Zombie: This zombie makes all zombies on the field moves to adjacent lanes.
    • Mega-Keytar Zombie: The mega minion version of Keytar Zombie, as she not only makes zombies change lanes but also gives them a speed boost.
  • Rainbow Bass Imp: This Imp damages plants around him with his bass sounds.
    • Mega-Rainbow Bass Imp: This gigantic Imp stuns and deals damages to plants at the same time.
  • Spotlight Zombie: This zombie remains in the first column and summons a Popstar Zombie.



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